Parallels Desktop Business Edition 16.0.1 (48919)

Parallels allows you to run Windows and Mac applications side by side. Choose your view to make Windows invisible while still using its applications, or keep the familiar Windows background and controls on your Mac.

Run Windows on Mac
  • Develop & test across multiple OSes in a virtual machine for Mac
  • Access Microsoft Office for Windows and Internet Explorer
  • Fast—run Windows apps without slowing down your Mac
  • Quickly move files, apps and more from a PC to a Mac
This release includes:
  • Parallels Desktop Business Edition 16.0.1 (48919)
  • Parallels Toolbox v4.0.1-3447

What’s New

Version 16.0.1:

  • Release notes were unavailable when this listing was updated.


macOS 10.13 or later, 64-bit processor


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30 Responses

  1. ehqlsl79 says:

    does anyone know if it works? previous version had the warning popup “this parallels may not be genuine”….

  2. ikdegek says:

    After double click Install, after 1 minut the message ‘Parallels desktop is damaged and cannot be opened’ appears. I have done the Gatekeeper trick, no luck. Any help? thanks!

  3. jakeypal says:

    Fails to install on Catalina 10.15.6. Adding an exception to Gatekeeper, running Install Contents/MacOS in Terminal, or even blocking Internet access to Install file all fail to help with the installation. Unusable release

  4. preferred says:


    Can someone please explain how to install this on Catalina? I would really appreciate it.


  5. preferred says:

    Forgot to mention that I get the following error message when I try to install. So here is what I did. I copied and pasted the install file in my applications folder. Used Gatekeeper to unlock and then ran the install. I get this pop up message – “Parallels Desktop can be installed from a disk image only. Please open the Parallels Desktop DMG file and try again. Opening the DMG file and clicking on “install” does not work.

  6. Amnesia says:

    I am Getting this error:

    Network initialization failed.

    Your virtual machine will continue working normally but will have no network connection.

    This error only appears with this cracked version the official trial version work just fine any idea?

    I am on macOS 11 Beta 5

  7. cmedina says:

    I have done all steps:

    1) Disconnect the mac from the internet
    2) Run this before installing:

    sudo xattr -rd (Image path)

    3) Install Parallels Desktop Business Edition v16.0.0-48916
    4) Set automatic updates to “never”
    5) Login to windows to automatically update the “Parallels Tools” program

    Everything is ok for a few hours until windows show this message (in windows not in mac) :

    This copy of Parallels Desktop may not be genuine. You may be a victim of software counterfeiting ….

    Does anyone know how to avoid this message in windows?

    Thank you.

    • mansemino says:

      If you are using LittleSnitch:

      1) Open “Show Network Monitor” from notification icon;
      2) Then, filter your app list on the left with “parallels” and be sure that all references to “” have a red cross (they are filtered, denied)
      3) If any of them are grey, just check the red cross to deny it
      4) Shut down any Virtual Machine and Parallels application (in case it was running)

      Next time you open it, you won’t get the “genuine” nag screen on Windows VW or Mac anymore

      Checked on LittleSnitch 4.5.2.

      • cmedina says:

        Thanks for reply but, are you sure that using Little Snitch solves the problem? I ask you that because I use Lulu blocking all connections from Parallels Desktop on the Host (MacOs Catalina 10.15.7) and the “genuine” nag screen on Windows VW get back every 10-20 minutes…

        So I’ll try with Little Snitch and will post the results…


        • cmedina says:

          I pass you my results:
          1) I installed “Little Snitch” and blocked all Parallels Desktop connections. The next day the message came out again
          2) I Uninstalled Parallels Desktop, I ran cleanmymac, I deleted all files containing “parallels” and rebooted the mac
          3) I disconnected from the internet and reinstalled Parallels desktop. Then in windows I uninstalled Parallels Tools and reinstalled it (without internet connection). Then i restarted windows
          4) The next day the message came out again

          So, I will go back to the previous version.

  8. bbkhjy says:

    macOS 11 beta 8,Network initialization failed?

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