Dato 1.13.0

Dato is a replacement for the system menu bar clock.

By default, it looks exactly the same, but when you click it, you get a small calendar, calendar events for the next week, the current time in various time zones (even with custom names), week number, and more. You can customize what to show in the menu and the menu bar.

Dato supports all the locales and languages that macOS supports for dates, times, and the calendar, but the menus are English-only.

  • Calendar, optionally with week numbers. Your upcoming events for the next week at a glance (customizable).Time zones, optionally with custom names.Search time zones by city (15K cities included).Customizable.Double-click a day in the calendar to open that day in the default calendar app.
  • (Supports: Calendar, Fantastical 2, BusyCal).Fully offline with no network entitlements, for your privacy benefit.Supports calendar events with HTML formatted notes.Lots of keyboard shortcuts for power users.”Join Zoom Meeting” button on Zoom meeting calendar invites.

What’s New

Version 1.13.0:

  • Improved the previous/next buttons in the calendar.
  • Removed the circle (dot) button in the calendar. Click the month/year label instead to go to today.
  • Fixed Russian formatting for the menu bar date/time.
macOS 10.15 only:
  • Added menu bar icon preference.
  • Added today widget for the Notification Center with time zones.
  • Added the ability to toggle showing the day of week, date, and time at the top of the Dato menu.
  • Added preference to keep last shown month in the calendar when closing the Dato menu.


macOS 10.14.4 or later, 64-bit processor


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