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  1. jaynine says:

    first of all, I must thank you for your awesome website. I have an app request. would you please crack the “termius” app and upload it to AppKed?

  2. tech says:

    Is it possible if you could take a look at the “Roon” music app? It is very hard to crack it for mac but I know that some Russian dark web chat figured out how to crack the software on a windows platform. No one on the www has seen a Roon crack for the mac before and if you can pull this off this would be legendary. Please help:

    Thanks, Webmaster,

  3. Radsagan says:

    first of all, I must thank you for your awesome website. I have an app request. could you please upload latest version of Air server 7.1.6 (You already uploaded version 7.1.4)?

  4. Swing says:

    Bonjour et merci,
    Pouvez-vous foncer un peu plus le texte ( gris clair ) il est quasiment invisible.

  5. Suspect says:

    Hey Bro! Thanks for your hard work, but i have a request. Can you upload “Little Snitch 4.2.4 or higher. I would be appreciated.

  6. hectorini999 says:


    Is it possible to upload the codekit application to the latest version?


  7. samheru says:

    Can you upload avid pro tools 12.8.x app? I really appreciate it.

  8. techethan says:

    Audirvana 3.5.9 is asking for a license key and does not work. It would be nice if you could find the real crack online and post it here, thanks.

  9. AhTaAb says:

    thanks all for this wonderful websites, and I want to ask if there is Pixelmator Pro last version ??

    Pixelmator Pro 1.3.4

    I hope it will be as soon as possible

    best regards

  10. champion83 says:

    Need ArKaos Grand VJ please :]

  11. Martynet says:

    Can I have an app request please? Zevrix Output factory. Thank you

  12. xtaticthc says:

    Hello that, in the first place give thanks to all the team in charge of carrying this page and help users either for tests or with few resources, they can use the applications, I want to make a request, the specific program is the latest version of Serato DJ 2.2 for Mac, thank you very much in advance and greetings from Spain

  13. veryguz says:

    Hello. I’d like to request you the newest version of Coda (2.7.3). Thank you for your attention.

  14. robot60130 says:

    Hi guys! Is it possible to find the last version of iTools Pro ? The current version (oct 2018, isn’t compatible anymore with the latest version of iOS 12.3.1 :/ thanks guys for you amazing job!!!!

  15. fukai7722 says:

    I’d like to request you the newest version of timing 2019. Thank you for your attention.

  16. Sdowp says:

    hi, I’d like to request the latest version of mindnode 6. the latest is for 2 years ago

  17. wayhyz says:

    Hey, this message was translated by Google.
    First of all, thank you for having a team like you, let me use the software I like. Can upload Parallels Desktop 15? This is the latest version. Thank you!

  18. M_Billy says:

    hello and thanks for the work you do, I was wondering though, I’m the only one who can’t make a download?

  19. naijveriger says:

    hi. thank you for all you do for us. your site is very very useful. i would like to know if you can post an up to date version of remotix as the version you have is broken on mojave. also could you crack passport on the mac app store ( thank you

  20. why1234 says:

    why are 100% of all items shared using the APFS format when some items work on OSX 10.10 or OSX 10.11? If 100% of the dmgs you share are APFS and the items supposedly work on earlier version of OSX then downloading from you is useless. You just changed this recently and I wish you would return to the older method you use to repackage everything. Thanks

  21. NewMedia says:

    This has been my most favourite site as towards the hard work and sharing you have given here I am very appreciable. But for the last few weeks you have made changes in your .dmg format and I can no longer use this website ! There are much more users on older OS X systems, mine is 10.11 and I don’t intend to change. This for a reason for many of us. I can no longer use this site to download and use, because each .dmg appears as an error “file system not mountable”. There are other site options, but I prefer to be here. The alternative options have given the .dmg format for older users so that they are “mountable” and does not cause an error for anyone on any operating system. I hope you can address this. Thanks for your assistance in past. I am sad I can no longer give credit to your site and make downloads if the files cannot mount. Thanks again, but hope you can change this so others can also continue to benefit !

  22. david-chester says:

    Stunning work you are doin’ here! Unfortunately, OSX Catalina is causing some Issues with the old Glpyhs App (2.5.2)
    Would love to have the newest version 6.3.2 so it works with Catalina again. Is this possible, somehow?

  23. junior_desampa says:

    Hi, I want to thank you for all the programs you have available.
    I use the firewall a lot, but I don’t think the latest version of Little snitch .. is it possible ??

  24. maoxek says:

    Hi, I need last update bootstrap studio 4.5.7 can you share it? Thank you sir. Your site is the best, thank for all!

  25. probierz1 says:

    hello Adobe Adobe Premiere does not work for me, catalina installs and crashes at some point at the end. the second thing is also not working for me disk drill on catalina I can not install programs from a source other than AppStore what to do so that you can what to type in the terminal. thank you in advance for your answer

  26. sineld says:

    Hello. I’d like to request the newest version of TablePlus. Thank you for your attention.

  27. riu218 says:

    Hello. I’d like to request the GSE Smart iptv pro please or iptv streamer pro

  28. amanyaw says:

    Hello, I use this site all the time and the new site has been great! Thank you for your work.

    I’d like to request the latest version of “MacsFanControl” found at [] if thats okay, thank you!

  29. chpasswd2 says:

    Would you please crack the “parallels desktop 15.1.2(47123)” app and upload it to Macbed? thank you for your awesome website.

  30. venom says:

    Hey. Please crack “Paragon ntfs for mac” latest version for MacOS Catalina.

    Thank you

  31. Amnesia says:

    Hello, Thank you for your great work, could you upload **patterns – the regex app v1.2**

  32. George says:

    please crack app ”boom 3d 1.3.3”

  33. Hruthwulf says:

    Roxio Toast 18, Please.

  34. George says:

    hi, please crack complete antaomy 2019 or 2020 for mac os catalina, old version only trial working, please make full version

  35. kct3937 says:

    Can you please crack PDF2ID, preferably latest version.


  36. samheru says:

    I really love to use protopie (protopie[dot]io), can you upload it here, please? really appreciate it.

  37. George says:

    please crack ”turbo boost switcher pro” app

  38. Aryaun says:

    Hi there
    I don’t know if you view your emails or not, but a while ago I requested you to put the full version of the M3 Bitlocker Loader app on your website.
    It’s a very useful software and I can’t seem to find it anywhere?‍♂️

  39. George says:

    friends, boom 3d last version and complete anatomy last version too please!

  40. bigorno says:

    Hi, great job done 🙂

    Is it possible to add fiery feeds app from the MacApp store ?
    Thanks a lot !

  41. Vamose says:

    Can any one help with NotePlan 2.0

    The version Noteplan 1.0 is available. Version 2.0 has major upgrade in the look & functionality.

    Please help if possible.

  42. KiaBazand says:

    Hi Team
    Can You Put Put This app (Pro Version) For Download?

  43. MacCrab says:

    ff-works 2 would be much appreciated

  44. johnjohn says:

    One more app request here… 😅 “PTGui” v.11 for enhanced HDR bracketing support. Thanks ❤️

  45. leo69 says:

    Hi there, may have your canvas draw 1.X or 2.0 back? I can find them in the search, but not in the sever anymore, really need that app to run in MACOSX 10.9. Thank you so much.

  46. Peter K says:

    i search cinema 4d s22 for mac

  47. prppro says:

    Have you stopped supporting turbobit? I can’t see links for this anymore

  48. 5piider says:

    Can you please upload the latest version of iCirrcuit v1.11.3
    Thank you for all other mac softwares! 😃

  49. cybertribe says:

    found your well presented site via a search for dragon dictate 6.0.6. joined Turbobit but found the .dmg unmountable- tried on 3 different os including 10.15.6. tried all the disk tools on each. one of them returned ‘the file is opened as Apple disk. HFS partition not found’ Apple’s DiskImageMounter reports ‘image not recognised’
    All the other files open fine, it is just the Dragon_for_Mac_EN_6.0.dmg that’s broken.


  50. hongming24 says:

    USB Network Gate This software has not been updated for a long time. I hope to update the new version

    And thank you for your dedication.

  51. idApp says:

    Hi, Please Sketch 63.1, for older operating systems. Thanks

  52. EvansBlue says:

    Thank you for the great works. I have an app request: Papers 3.4.25. Thanks again!

  53. Kris1978 says:

    Hi i find Origami 3 from BOXSHOT its possible have it in your app list. tnks

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