QLab Pro 4.4.2

QLab Pro 4.4.2

QLab is a streamlined and intuitive Mac OS X application that provides the required tools and features to create complex designs that can bring your audio and video content to life.

Versatile and user-oriented show control

QLab’s user-oriented interface helps you design and handle your multimedia content from within a smooth-running and personalizeable workspace that allows you to manage audio, video, MIDI, OCS and more.

QLab comes with numerous building blocks, also known as “cues”, that can help you design your stunning multimedia performance with just a few mouse clicks. Once you dragged and dropped your files you can start adding commands to fade in and fade out the volume, animate videoclips and apply various video and audio effects.

User-definable scripts and numerous video and audio effects

After getting familiar with the basics, you can step up your game and become a power user by using complex features like scripting, multi-projector edge blending, video corner pinning and audio localization. What is more, you can build multi-computer designs and send commands to multiple QLab systems connected to the same local network.

When you are happy with your Cue List, you can give it a try and hit the “Go” button to preview your show. Thanks to the Warnings panel you can check your list and view all encountered issues.

Support for Blackmagic device input, as well as various types of video surfaces and a host of other similarly powerful tools

QLab comes with support for 48 output and 24 input audio channels, intuitive audio waveform editing, customizable playback rate with pitch adjustment, video and audio faders, animation tools, Matrix mixer, audio and video effects, Syphon integration, keystone correction and corner pinning.

You can also overlay titles, use live video input from various devices, including Blackmagic devices, handle multiple video surfaces, apply fade curves, slice files, use markers and use external video effects.

What’s New

Version 4.4.2:

  • QLab will no longer overwrite levels of Audio and Video cues when setting the target file the first time.
  • Significant performance improvements when searching light instrument definitions.
  • The behavior of pinch-to-zoom gestures in the Timeline tab.
  • The behavior of the preview button in the Timeline tab.
  • The inspector now correctly shows video-related tabs when a Fade cue is created automatically targeting a Video, Camera, or Text cue.
  • Several issues with loading saved parameters on unused video effects.
  • Resizing the Mic cue inspector won’t leave certain buttons dangling about in awkward places.
  • Refinements to the auto-targeting behavior for new cues introduced in QLab 4.4. Now, newly created cues will avoid automatically targeting cues which target other cues. This should avoid situations where, for example, creating several Start cues in a row resulted in a probably not-useful cascade of cue targets.
  • Instrument definitions for the following Cameo fixtures:
    • Auro Bar 100, Auro Beam 150, Auro Beam 200 DC, Auro Matrix 500, Auro Spot 100, Auro Spot 200, Auro Spot 300, Auro Spot 400, Azor B1, CL 200, Evos S3, F2 D, F2 T, Flat 1 RGB 10 IR, Flat 1 TRI 3W IR, Flat 1 TW, Flat Moon, Flat PAR RGBW IR, Flat Pro 12, Flat Pro 12 IP, Flat Pro 18, Flat Pro 18 IP, Flat Pro 7, Flat Pro 7 IP, Flat Pro 7Spot, Flat Pro 7XS, Flat Pro Flood 600 IP65, Flat Pro Flood IP65 TRI, Flat Star, Flat Storm, Flat UV, Hydrabeam 1000 RGBW, Instant Hazer Pro 1400, Instant Hazer Pro 1500T, IODA 400 RGY, IODA 600 RGB, IODA 1000 RGB, LUKE 400 RGY, LUKE 700 RGB, LUKE 1000 RGB, Movo Beam 100, Movo Beam Z 100, Nanobeam 300, Nanospot 120, Nanospot 300, Opus SP5, Outdoor PAR TRI 12 IP, PAR 56 Q 8W, PAR 56 RGB 10, PAR 56 RGB 5, PAR 56 TRI 3W, PAR 64 Q 8W, PAR 64 RGB 10, PAR 64 RGB 10, PAR 64 RGB 3W, PAR 64 RGBA 10, PAR 64 RGBWAU 10W, PAR 64 TRI 3W, Q-Spot 15 RGBW, Q-Spot 15W, Q-Spot 40 CW, Q-Spot 40 RGBW, Q-Spot 40 WW, Steam Wizard 1000, Steam Wizard 2000, Studio Mini COB 30W, Studio Mini Q 4W W, Studio Mini Q 8W, Studio Mini TRI 3W, Studio PAR 64 Q 8W, Studio PAR 64 RGBA Q 8W, Studio PAR 64 TRI 3W, Studio PAR DTW, Stuiod PAR 64 RGBWA+UV 12W, TS 40 WW, TS 60 W RGBW, TS 100 WW, TS 200 WW, Wookie 150 G, Wookie 200 R, Wookie 200 RGY, Wookie 400 RGB, Wookie 600 B, Zenit B60, Zenit B200, Zenit P40, Zenit P130, Zenit W300, Zenit W600, Zenit W600-D, Zenit Z120, Zenit Z120 G2


OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor


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