SQLEditor 3.3.0 – Create SQL databases graphically.

SQLEditor 3.3.0

SQLEditor is a SQL database design and entity relationship diagram (ERD) tool for OS X.
SQLEditor replaces typing SQL by hand with dragging, dropping, and clicking. It makes creating databases faster and easier.

If you already have a database then SQLEditor can help you see what it looks like by reverse engineering a diagram.

SQLEditor supports exporting database designs to MySQL, Postgres, Oracle, and others. Plus it also imports and exports Ruby On Rails Migration files

What’s New

Version 3.3.0:

  • New option to add custom SQL at the beginning of exported SQL
  • New option to export custom SQL, both pre and post document, to database. (Cannot deal with delimiter changes yet though)
  • Django importer now allows specifying a virtualenv directory (See Preferences->Export->Django)
  • Can now use inline renaming on indexes
  • Postgres now uses DROP TABLE IF EXISTS when dropping tables
  • Native plugins now support custom foreign key type matching (in JS soon)
  • Fix for crash in find sidebar
  • New method of loading ui panels for plugins
  • Django now doesn’t flag ForeignKey type mismatches
  • Fixed various bugs in foreign key type matching
  • Fixed some memory management issues
  • Fix for inline renaming editing issues
  • Fix sidebar toolbar button icons
  • Fix bug which caused table to move when copying if non default label applied
  • Fix for svg canvas areas and comments being incorrectly drawn
  • fixed bug causing extra semi colon to be inserted in prologue sql blocks
  • Comment inline editing now turns off the font panel (which allowed unexpected behaviour)


OS X 10.9 or later, 64-bit processor


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