KeyKey 2.7 – Typing Tutor.

KeyKey 2.7

KeyKey will teach you touch typying with fewer error in QWERTY or DVORAK layouts. 15 minutes a day and you will become a keyboard ninja!

## What is it for

To stop struggling with the process of putting together letters and words. When you can type quickly and correctly, you get huge satisfaction in your writing. Few weeks of practice and you will type much faster than you can write with a pen.

## How to learn

1. Start KeyKey and place your hands on the keyboard so that your index fingers are on the keys “F” and “J”.

2. Start typing the string you see on screen. It’s important not to look at your hands when you are learning to type. If it’s difficult for you, just cover them with something.

3. To start another line, just press ENTER. A new string is formed, based on your previous errors.

## How it works

The exercise provided is the result of analysis of hundreds books and articles. At the primary level the string is formed with simple words and characters. It becomes more challenging as you successfully progress forward. If you fancy yourself an expert in touch typing, select “Expert mode”.

## How long will it take

People who spend about 15 minutes per day on this training will be able to type more than 60 words per minute in just a few weeks. Just remember to train regularly, use correct fingers, and you will become a keyboard ninja in a blink!

What’s New

Version 2.7:

iCloud sync
  • Now you can start studying on one computer and continue on another one. Just make sure both systems are logged into the same iCloud account. No need to set anything up, it’s all done automatically.
Statistics sorted by keyboard layout
  • Statistics can now be sorted not only by languages but also by layouts for each language. That is to say, lesson stats in layouts like QWERTY and COLEMAK don’t get mixed together anymore.
BÉPO layout for French language
  • Second most popular layout after AZERTY in French-speaking countries, it is basically DVORAK adapted to French language. Popular with programmers.
QWERTZ Swiss layout for French and English languages
  • Now there are versions of QWERTZ Swiss layout in French, English and German. Special thanks to Daniele Poggiali from Switzerland for helping us figure out the QWERTZ Swiss particularities for each of the languages.
Disable the onscreen keyboard prompts
  • Now you can disable the onscreen keyboard prompts. That would help not get distracted by the keyboard once you’ve completely remembered where each key is.
Mini statistics on home screen
  • Mini statistics shows the change in your speed and in your typo count compared to the previous attempt. Temporarily disabled in KeyKey 2.6, this feature is back in.


OS X 10.11 or later, 64-bit processor


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