Ambify 1.6.3 – Sync streaming music to Philips Hue light bulbs.

Ambify 1.6.3

Ambify is the realtime music visualizer powered by Philips Hue.

Capture System Audio
Unlike the original app, Ambify for Mac is not an audio player but a powerful universal audio processor instead. When used in System Capture mode, Ambify can capture audio from any App on your Mac!

Philips Hue
Ambify makes use of Philips Hue connected bulbs. Easily find, connect, and setup your Hue bulbs in no time! Own some Living Colors lamps? Use them as well, no problem.

Realtime Light FX
Ambify makes use of some nifty algorithms to visualize music in real-time. Just play some tunes, relax and enjoy the show! Like to fiddle with settings? No problem, the FX section allows you tweak the show as you like.

AirPlay Receiving
Ambify for Mac also comes with full AirPlay receiving capabilities. Receive AirPlay audio from any iOS device, other Macs, and even PCs.

Classic Visualizer
Merging past and present technologies, Ambify for Mac also includes a classic visualizer. Stream music to your AppleTV, enjoy beautiful cover-art and simply control Ambify with your Apple Remote.

AirPlay Output
Ambify for Mac also supports AirPlay output enabling a wide range of additional possibilities. Receive audio from an iPhone and output to an AppleTV, or capture audio from your Mac and output to an AirPort Express.

What’s New

Version 1.6.3:

  • Fixed an issue where AirPlay receiving would be disabled on startup even though the UI did suggest it was available
  • Fixed an issue where setting the master volume would cause the app to crash
  • Fixed an issue where setting the master volume would have no effect


OS X 10.8 or later, 64-bit processor


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