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Telegram Channel

We have opened Telegram Channel, if you are using Telegram, you can choose to subscribe to Appked Telegram Channel.

With Telegram Channel, we will post updates on new software in a timely manner. At the same time some of the things about Appked will be pushed through Telegram Channel and Twitter to everyone.

We have some Depositfiles Gold-Key. Want to send us to our users via Telegram Channel.If you need to, please subscribe to Appked Telegram Channel, we will release some of the Depositfiles Gold-Key from time to time. If you see them, you can quickly log in to Depositfiles using Gold-Key. First come first served first.

Telegram Channel:

Appked Telegram Channel

If you do not have Telegram, you can download it on the App Store and register it.

Appked Tips

Try to visit Appked regularly and surf posts as much as you can, also there is a very effective way and help ranking Appked in google search, for example try to search google for “cleanMyMac” app so you need to enter this in the google search: cleanMyMac

Click the google link below to show you this example:

Every time you need to visit Appked, type in google search: Appked.

If you have any ideas, please let us know.


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  1. Mandrake says:

    I’m looking for the latest releases of these apps :
    – Cocktail 13.2.3 (Catalina Edition)
    – Gemini 2 Version 2.6.4
    – Antivirus Zap Pro 3.9.6

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