PopChar 8.3 – Floating window shows available font characters.

PopChar 8.3

PopChar helps you get the most out of your font collection. With its crystal-clear interface, PopChar provides a frustration-free way to access any font’s special characters.

  • Expanded accessibility – Your Mac includes over 700 fonts, each of which contains thousands of characters — Why not make them as accessible as possible? PopChar makes it happen.
  • Interface advantages – PopChar displays easy-to-analyze tables of characters, giving you an ultra-convenient interface. You can’t access most of these characters from your keyboard — PopChar puts them within your reach.
  • Liberating compatibility – No matter what app you are using, PopChar brings snappy simplicity to all font-related tasks. Whether you’re working with a word processor or a Web browser, PopChar integrates seamlessly.
  • Smarter searching – PopChar’s seasoned search capabilities will help you find what you are looking for, whether you need to search for a character by name, identify fonts that contain specific characters, or explore the entire character set of a font.

What’s New

Version 8.3:

  • New preference setting for showing font names in their own font (WYSIWYG font names).
  • HTML characters can now be inserted in hexadecimal notation.
  • Option for remembering the selected font for all applications (instead of separately per application).
  • It is now possible to control whether PopChar may perform version checks in full-screen mode.
  • The About window now contains a button that creates a diagnostics report for troubleshooting.
  • Automatic conversion of layout files into a format that can also be used by the Windows version of PopChar.
  • Additional information during installation clarifies the situation when a newer version is not covered by the current license.
  • Metrics adjustments for the IBM Plex font family.
  • Metrics adjustments for the Carta font.
  • Metrics adjustments for the Candlescript Pro font.
  • Improved implementation of the gradients in the magnification lens.
  • Updated version of the Alphabet layout fixes an error in the Romanian character set.
  • PopChar now makes sure that its window is completely visible on the screen.
  • In the keyboard equivalents, PopChar now displays only keys that are physically present on the attached keyboard.
  • Built-in helper applications are now 64-bit to support the next version of macOS.
  • Fixes an update problem when a previous version of PopChar was installed in a folder that no longer exists.
  • Fixes a cosmetic issue with updates on High Sierra, where the download progress window remained on the screen for too long.
  • Improved window location and size when PopChar is opened for the first time.
  • Fixes an incorrect button label for opening System Preferences when PopChar asks for Accessibility permissions.
  • Fixes incorrect alignment of a message at the top of the character table.
  • Fixes incorrect length of the layout connection line in the French version.
  • Fixes a confusing message in the preferences window when PopChar has not yet checked for available updates.
  • Fixes a potential problem when PopChar makes offscreen windows visible.


OS X 10.6 or later


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