Nisus Writer Pro 2.1.1 – Multilingual word processor with indexing.

Nisus Writer Pro

Nisus Writer Pro is a powerful multilingual word processor, similar to its entry level products, but brings new features such as table of contents, indexing, bookmarks, widow and orphan control, cross references, line numbering, and text wrap around images.

Familiar Classic features are also on board, like attribute-sensitive find and replace, an upgraded Nisus macro language, and glossaries.

We have also improved a number of existing features. For example, we’ve added a variety of additional options to control the display of notes. Footnotes can now also span across pages.

What’s New

Version 2.1.1:

Stability Improvements
  • Fixed several potential intermittent crashes:
  • Using a document window's popover (which shows the file name, location, and tags) can trigger crashes.
  • Worked around a bug where the OS X text engine can trigger random crashes during text layout.
  • Deleting styles in the stylesheet can trigger crashes.
  • Fixed potential crashes whenever closing a document window (related to toolbars and palettes).
  • Could crash when balancing text in multi-column section.
  • Rare crash related to showing the Open Recent file menus.
  • Fixed: choosing a new Document Manager folder that is a subfolder of the existing Document Manager folder can incorrectly delete a whole folder, if the user chooses to migrate files.
  • Fixed: find: certain combinations of Replace All, with tracked changes enabled, could cause crashes and other errors.
  • Fixed: deleting open documents via the Document Manager could cause a hang.
  • Fixed: opening files with certain sequences of floating text boxes could cause a hang.
Highlighted Changes
  • Receipts from the Mac App Store can be used to license Nisus Writer.
  • Fixed: the option "Ignore Rich Text Commands" could be incorrectly check-marked in the Open panel for certain file types.
  • Fixed: the system preference "Ask to keep changes when closing documents" should be respected.
  • Fixed: when showing the Save panel for a new/draft document, should not default to showing the autosave folder.
  • Fixed: when closing new documents on OS X 10.7, if the user already explicitly saved the document somewhere, should not ask whether or not to save changes.
  • Fixed: if the user clicks a link created before sandboxing, Nisus Writer should offer to help the user convert the link to one with the proper security authorization, by having the user confirm the target in a file opening dialog.
  • Fixed: mail merging CSV files with double quotes would fail with parsing errors.
  • Fixed: closed palettes could incorrectly be partially drawn at random locations in the drawer, obscuring other palettes.
  • Fixed: palettes: some issues when adjusting borders for a subset of edges (e.g., table cell edges).
Other Changes
  • Fixed: license keys added before sandboxing, using the "Computer" scope, should be detected.
  • Fixed: icons for custom toolbar items created before sandboxing should be recognized.
  • Fixed: the Save toolbar item was incorrectly always disabled.
  • Fixed: cropping an image could sometimes result in undesired image scaling.
  • Fixed: if the user cancels an Export As and then does a Save As, the file formats available in the Save panel are incorrect.
  • Opt: speed improvements when opening files that require a lot of font substitutions.
  • Fixed: opening large plain text files should allow user to cancel.
  • Opt: any time the mouse moves or the user scrolls, OSX's new "sharing services" copies all selected content, for every single event. This is very inefficient. Nisus Writer now overrides this behavior to cache the sharing services calculation.
  • Fixed: palette titlebars can draw improperly on retina screens.
  • Fixed: palettes: fixed poor behavior when adjusting paragraph border's horizontal padding below -10 points.
  • Fixed: palettes: floating palettes should not "jiggle" when resized.
  • Fixed: tables: fixed some issues with using Tab and Shift + Tab to navigate through table cells. The next/previous cell was not always fully selected in all ways.
  • Fixed: if the OS X layout engine becomes unstable when opening a document, the user should be alerted and the document should be shown partially loaded.
  • Fixed: editing the default leader tab would not preserve all options.
  • Fixed: misspelling underline markings are drawn with incorrect baseline when paragraph borders were used.
  • Changed: slightly tightened the way misspelling underlines hug their text.
  • Changed: if the Apple font manager triggers any errors when loading font information, they should be ignored instead of preventing Nisus Writer from continuing.
  • Fixed: the "Add Group" button to confirm the addition of a Document Manager group was improperly disabled sometimes.
  • Added: additional information to help diagnose application hang reports.
  • Changed: do not ask user to submit feedback on potential application crash/hang if OS X itself crashed.
  • Fixed: inline images with kerning applied should not be ignored when calculating the line height.
  • Changed: the feedback reporter should try some fallback text encodings if the console log isn't valid UTF-8.
Macro Changes
  • Added: the built-in macro Macro > Application > Manage Macro File Access can now permanently grant macros automatic access to files and folders
  • Added: the File commands that manage access outside the sandbox now take into account permanently establishing automatic access. See the Macro Language Reference for details.
  • Fixed several issues when external AppleScripts execute Nisus Writer macros, including:
  • - AppleScripts that tried to modify sandbox file access (e.g., File.requireAccessAtPath, etc) would always fail.
  • Fixed: the macro Save commands would not properly clear the edited state of a document.
  • Changed: the command DocumentManagerGroup.allFilePaths should include files that do not exist, and those files to which Nisus Writer may not have access.
  • Fixed: a variety of paragraph commands were not recognized, e.g., Set Head Indent, Set Paragraph Spacing After, etc.
  • Fixed: the command .applyLineAttributesToEdges did not correctly recognize some names, e.g., OuterHorizontal, etc.
  • Fixed: the Read Clipboard and Write Clipboard commands did not work properly if the clipboard hadn't yet been interacted with in another way.
  • Added the command File.isEquivalentPaths to help compare file paths.
  • Added the Image property .isEquation.
  • Fixed: the "setImage" command could trigger crashes.
  • Fixed: the logical not operator would combine improperly with binary comparison operators.
  • - For Example: the expression ! $a == $b would return incorrect results.
  • Fixed: should be able to use keywords like "False" in user defined command names.


OS X 10.7.5 or later


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