Keytty 1.2.6

Keytty is a small macOS application that can help you control your cursor by using keyboard shortcuts. The utility comes with a system wide hotkey and predefined commands or actions that can be accessed with ease.

Alternative solution for managing your cursor without using the mouse

Worth mentioning is that Keytty does not intend to replace your mouse or the trackpad, but features alternative solutions that you might find useful in certain situations. The utility resides in your status bar, and you get to activate the control panel by pressing the Command key twice consecutively.

The Keytty menu also provides quick access to advanced controls: you can hide the command suggestions, start with the center command by default, list the commands and the actions at the same time, eliminate the need to press the return key, disable the acceleration, or activate the continuous commanding by default.

Rely on predefined commands and actions that cannot be personalized

Within the Keytty control panel, you get to type predefined commands that will move the cursor to another location on the screen. Note that Keytty places a red mark to signal the current pointer location.

The Keytty capabilities are organized around simple commands (move in all four directions and jump to different sections of the screen) and mouse actions (click, scroll, drag and drop, or jump to another screen when working with multiple displays).

In addition, you get to activate special control modes that will increase both the distance when moving the pointer and the scroll speed, or decrease both values. The continuous command mode keeps the control panel visible even after the command has been performed.

Use keyboard commands to control the movement of your pointer on the screen

To sum up, Keytty proposes alternative solutions for using your cursor even if you don’t have access to a mouse or a trackpad. The utility is not intended to replace any of them, but it can prove a useful addition once you integrate the actions into your workflow.

What’s New

Version 1.2.6:

  • Notify users to allow permission for Keytty's access in Security & Privacy if it is not permitted yet. (After Mojave)


OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor


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