iMazing 2.5.4 (8443) – Complete iOS device manager (was DiskAid).

iMazing 2.5.4 (8443)

iMazing (was DiskAid) is the ultimate iOS device manager with capabilities far beyond what iTunes offers. With iMazing and your iOS device (iPhone, iPad, or iPod), you can:

  • Copy music to and from any iOS device (even from one iOS device to another!), regardless of what Mac or PC the device is already synced to. Music transfer done right, without limitations or restrictions.
  • Backup and restore individual iOS apps along with your custom saved data, perfect for freeing up space on your iOS device without losing your files, great for installing apps including your data on another iOS device you own.
  • Transfer files to and from an iOS device, and browse the iOS file system.
  • Use your iOS device like a USB key.
  • Browse and save messages (SMS, MMS, iMessage), voicemails, and call logs, none of which iTunes can do.
  • Browse, save, and add contacts to your iPhone, without automatically adding them to your iCloud account.
  • Browse and manage multiple backups of the same iOS device. Chose which data sets you want to restore.
  • And other amazing things you never thought possible!

What’s New

Version 2.5.4:

iPhone X:
  • Support for new resolution in iMazing's UI
  • Minor compatibility adjustments
Brand new Manage Apps wizard:
  • Download IPAs from the App Store
  • Manage an App Library on your computer, install/uninstall, backup or restore all from the same view
  • Sort apps by size, filter them by Apple ID
  • Restoring .imazingapp apps now installs the app straight from the App Store
  • Read our blog post to learn more
  • Apps: Added label to identify apps not compatible with current device type (Manage Apps wizard)
  • Apps: Added Delete and Hide from Library option to permanently remove an app from iMazing's Library
  • Books: Much improved robustness when transferring books and pdfs to iOS devices
  • Books: Book titles with special characters are now always displayed correctly
  • Call History: added FaceTime info to identify FaceTime Audio and Video calls
  • Console: Much improved robustness on Windows, the Console should now just work!
  • Console: Improved performance when leaving the console window open for a long time
  • Contacts: Importing vCard files to iOS now supports more vCard format variants
  • Contacts: More tiny improvements in imports/exports
  • File Transfer: Fixed case where transferring multi-gigabyte files over Wi-Fi could fail
  • Localisation: fixed German translation of the Windows Files menu, thank you Theodor!
  • Music: Exporting compilations to iTunes should now work as expected
  • Music: Fixed case where iMazing hanged when transferring a folder containing a lot of tracks to iOS
  • Music: Fixed Import from iTunes when the iTunes Music Library is on an external drive (Windows)
  • Music: iMazing now display a warning when exporting DRM protected music
  • Music: Improved Composer metadata handling
  • Photos: Added location data when transferring photos to iOS
  • Photos: Fixed case where creating or renaming albums could result in iMazing not displaying them immediately
  • Photos: Fixed case where importing large number of photos could fail
  • Photos: Much improved stability when copying photos to device, especially to older/less powerful models
  • Photos: Ordering of imported photos is now always based on date, just as in the iOS Photos app
  • UI: Improved reactivity of dataset loading (stop/refresh)
  • UI: Added Options button to the actions list to increase backup options discoverability
  • UI: Re-organised contextual menus of the sidebar
  • UI: Fixed a few harmless glitches


OS X 10.8 or later, 64-bit processor


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