iconStiX 3.8 – Combine and attach images to desktop items.

iconStiX 3.8

iconStiX is an easy-to-use, fundamental icon tool that allows users to combine and attach images to desktop items.

iconStiX is a simple program to combine images and attach composition as custom icon to desktop items such as folder. It is cooperated with the Finder’s services, so that you can select “Open iconStiX” in the Finder’s contextual menu to start the program.

It supports basic functions such as
  • adding multiple objects (image, shape and text) and overviewing them in a table
  • moving, resizing, rotating, skewing, coloring and shadowing objects
  • attaching/removing custom icons
  • saving documents (as template)
  • exporting composition as images (icns, png, tiff)
  • keeping favorite icon images for quick access.

What’s New

Version 3.8:

  • iconStiX documents are changed to be a package type (.istxd instead of .istx) so that thumbnail images can be used for QuickLook without a plugin embedded in the app. The plugin used before fails to generate preview mostly due to missing permission on the latest macOS. Note: v.3.8 can open documents saved in the earlier versions but it always saves documents in the new format.
  • This is the first version of iconStiX notarized by Apple.
  • No deprecated methods are used except for backward compatibility to read in documents saved in earlier versions.
  • sRGB is used consistently for icon creation. So option of using generic RGB is removed.
  • 4 sizes for toolbar icons are added by saving glyphs for iOS apps.
  • Several other internal adjustments and bug-fixing.


OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor


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