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camLAPSE 2.22 – Make time lapse movies from your HD Webcam, DV camera or iSight Cam.

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Make time lapse movies from your HD Webcam, DV camera or iSight Cam.

Are you a YouTube lover vying for attention? It might surprise you to know that while very simple, time lapse movies attract some of the most attention among different types of videos. Be it a blossoming flower, a crawling snail, or the panorama of a great sunset, life is full of beautiful things that can be captured with camLAPSE. Of course, camLAPSE is also great for surveillance.

With camLAPSE, your movie is yours to control. You can determine everything, from capture frequency to the frame rate of the completed movie.

camLAPSE is your ultimate tool for time lapse movie generation!

As camLAPSE can accept HD and DV devices, please make sure your Mac is powerful enough before capturing very high resolution video and pictures. An US student has previously tried to capture video and images under a resolution of 2592 x 1944 continuously, he got the images only as a result. For your information, his Mac is a 2009 Mac Mini Intel Core 2 Duo, 2GB DDR3

* As the captured quality is too high, We will add option to LOWER the captured picture resolution or video quality for those old Macs soon.

– USB & FireWire HD Webcam, iSight Cam, and DV video devices are all supported
– capture interval can be freely set, from one second to 1000 hours
– Frames Per Second (fps) of the finished video can be set from 1 to 50
– Can save all your captured images in addition to generating the video
– if you set a long capture interval (30 seconds and above), camLAPSE will not hold your camera in that duration, meaning it is free to handle another task.
– will capture the highest image quality possible
– super-easy operation, step-by-step user guide included


Version 2.22:

  • Sandbox compatible version of OS 10.7 to OS 10.8
  • add option of recompiling saved pictures into movie
  • size and color of interface adjusted
  • Tip window added


OS X 10.7 or later