Zonebox 1.2.3 – Get more done by timeboxing your tasks

Zonebox 1.2.3Zonebox is a simple app for timeboxing – a little productivity trick.

Timeboxing means setting aside for example 15 minutes to write an email. By knowing there is a time limit, you’ll be forced not to waste any time.

Zonebox helps you with everything – it will remember the task list, it will show you the progress as a little stripe on your screen and it will remind you when you’re done.

Other features include:

– Writing a list of tasks
– Pasting tasks from any text file
– Setting time for each task
– In-application timer
– Global timer, just under your dock
– Adding/removing time as you go
– Pausing/Resuming a task
– “Study-mode”, a distraction-less fullscreen mode
– Option to only show the dock icon


What’s New

Version 1.2.3
- It's now possible to controler Zonebox from the menu bar
- Menubar icon now displays time remaining
- Progress bar is visible on all spaces
- Added link to support in the help menu
- Added menu item to enter full scren


OS X 10.7 or later, 64-bit processor


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