yKey 2.6 – Use shortcuts to automate repetitive tasks (was iKey).

yKey 2.6

yKey helps you eliminate repetitive actions. Create shortcuts that perform an action or sequence of actions which can be launched by hotkey, menu, timer, event or USB. Save time, typing and hundreds of clicks everyday. Avoid carpal tunnel, do less and accomplish more.

What’s New

Version 2.6: Note: Major new version. Fixes issues with 10.12.

  • [fix] Prevent crash when some calendar events occur (often appeared to be a crash when waking or a crash when open for a while).
  • [fix] Resize window commands now work again for recent macOS versions.
  • [fix] Fix some horizontal scrolling bugs and generally make the window scrolling actions more reliable.
  • [fix] Fix some image problems in the yKey Editor, particularly where some icons were flipped.
  • [mod] New name: iKey is now yKey!
  • [mod] Removed the need to run as an admin user, in line with modern security practices.
  • [mod] Improved the way yKey handles standard window buttons (like close, minimise, zoom / full screen).
  • [mod] Clean up registration menu items after registering.
  • [mod] yKey configuration is now saved in and loaded from a more standard system location. Previous configurations are migrated when starting this new version.
  • [mod] Preferences shared between editor and yKey engine are now organised better.
  • [mod] Lots of internal improvements and modernisation.
  • [mod] Updated code signing to Apple's latest requirements.
  • [new] Request to install as login item can now be suppressed if you don't want
  • to do this (you can still change your mind via the preferences).
  • [mod] Removed some stale web links (times change and so does the web).
  • [mod] Removed the "configure for all users" feature. Again, opening up the system to sharing configuration information amongst multiple users is no longer an acceptable practice in the modern security-conscious world. Configurations can still be shared by exporting and importing, but we all like to personalise our configurations anyway, don't we?
  • [mod] Removed editor support for auto-wake after sleep. OS X has not supported this since OS X 10.5.
  • [mod] Removed support for converting iKey v1 preferences since v1 was replaced over a decade ago.
  • [mod] Removed support for .Mac service backup "quick picks" since Apple has retired the .Mac service.


OS X 10.5 or later, 64-bit processor


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