Yate 4.7.1

Yate was developed for people who are serious about tagging and organizing their audio files. The application was designed from the ground up for Mac users. It is a 100% Cocoa-written application and uses its own tagging library. Yate will tag mp3, m4a, aiff, flac, wav and dsf files.

Yate has a long list of features; most importantly, an innovative scripting system called actions. Actions can be used to update all of an album’s tags with a single operation. Yate also supports integration with Discogs, MusicBrainz, AcoustID and iTunes. All changes can be easily reverted and individual changes can be undone in any order. Whether you want to automatically or manually tag your files, Yate can do it all!

What’s New

Version 4.7.1:

Application Help
  • There is a new Search Yate Help item on the Help menu.
  • The Search Help panel locates topics containing your specified pattern and display's each topic's title. Searching can be done by contains, match start or word boundaries.
  • Double clicking on a title or using the context menu, you can launch the associated help page in your browser. In the browser, you can use the native find support to locate the pattern.
  • There is an option to automatically position the opened content to the search pattern.
  • Specifying * as the search pattern will display a list of all the help topics.
  • When saving artwork to folder icons, you can now optionally have the corners rounded. Preferences - Artwork has a new setting named Round corners when saving icons. Note that this setting affects the UI and action based saving to folder icon functionality. It also affects the creation of custom toolbar icons for actions.
Action Statements
  • The Remove List Item at Index statement now supports negative indexes with the same logic as the List Item at Index statement.
  • The Preferences statement has a new single setting override called Rounded Icon Corners.
  • The Remove from iTunes startement will now also remove any retained PIDs.
MPEG-4 Files
  • Up until v4.0, MPEG-4 files which had no audio or video data would not be loaded. As of v4.0, the file could be loaded and edited. These files are damaged and once again will not be loaded.
  • MPEG-4 files will now automatically be repaired, under the right conditions, if the low-level component containing the audio data is present but has a garbled identifier.
The Multi Field Editor
  • An Exchange function has been added. The contents of two specified fields are exchanged.
Database Files
  • From a database file's context menu you can now create an alias to the file on the desktop. This really only makes sense if you set the file, or all files of the same type, to open in Yate. You can do this in the Finder's Get Info panel.
File to Tag Templates
  • When extracting to a field which requires a numeric value, all extraneous text after the number will automatically be tossed. For example, extracting 2 files to a Track field will only retain the '2'.
  • See the online help in the File to Tag token editor for additional information and as to how this differs from the Numeric qualifier.
Blue Text in the Edit Panels
  • Previously blue text was used to indicate the presence of control, newline or tab characters in fields where they are not valid.
  • Text will now also be blue for extraneous data after the number in a numeric only field.
  • When the text is blue, the associated function button will have a menu item named Why is the Text Blue?
Bug Fixes
  • The Discogs Metadata for Release statement was not exporting the full date for the Year key, even when available.
  • The Discogs Metadata for Release statement had a potential crash depending on the received JSON data.
  • The MusicBrainz Metadata for Release statement was not exporting the following per track keys: Recording date, Recording end date, Recording location and Recording start date.
  • When executing an Add to iTunes statement in the Batch Processor the optional import of the PID was not performed unless the Verbose option was set.
  • When importing from iTunes, Loves/Dislikes values were not handled correctly.
  • The Episode ID field's Synthesize function was not working.
  • Worked around an issue on Mac OS 10.14 or later where interaction with iTunes was not freeing resources.
  • When batch processing an Access Discogs or Access MusicBrainz statement would crash if the action has a Batch Start sub action.
  • The Clear User Defined Items statement was missing tMDb and Yate as sources.


OS X 10.9 or later, 64-bit processor


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