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Yate 3.8 – Tag and organize your audio files.

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Yate was developed for people who are serious about tagging and organizing their audio files. The application was designed from the ground up for Mac users. It is a 100% Cocoa-written application and uses its own tagging library. Yate will tag mp3, m4a, aiff, flac, wav and dsf files.

Yate has a long list of features; most importantly, an innovative scripting system called actions. Actions can be used to update all of an album’s tags with a single operation. Yate also supports integration with Discogs, MusicBrainz, AcoustID and iTunes. All changes can be easily reverted and individual changes can be undone in any order. Whether you want to automatically or manually tag your files, Yate can do it all!


Version 3.8:

  • Yate now handles video tagging in MPEG-4 containers. (m4v now supported and mp4). Note that the files must contain at least one audio track.
  • The downloading of Discogs artwork is back.
  • There is a new snapshot editor which lets you see all the tags in a single file.
  • Metadata can be imported from Beatport.
  • The is a new companion application called Audio File Health Check which can be downloaded from the Help menu. Audio File Health Check is an application used to scan your audio collection and produce a log file of errors in the files. An action can be downloaded to repair the files identified in the log.


OS X 10.6 or later