xScope 4.1 – Onscreen graphic measurement tools.

xScope 4.0

xScope is a powerful set of tools for designers that are ideal for measuring, aligning and inspecting on-screen graphics and layouts. The software consists of seven tools in one:

  • Dimensions – Find the size of anything on screen instantly
  • Rulers – On-screen rulers that measure distances and angles
  • Screens – A dynamic view of smaller screen sizes & browser content areas
  • Loupe – A magnifying glass that gives you a close-up view of your work
  • Guides – Markers for precise horizontal and vertical alignment
  • Frames – Markers for precise width, height & origin alignment
  • Crosshair – Finds the exact location on screen

What’s New

Version 4.1:


• Color spaces are now supported in Loupe: see Working Color Space in Help
• Overlay can create a PDF file of current page (with full CSS styling)
• Rulers can now be adjusted by entering values in new properties window
• Added full support for Font Awesome: see Text Help for more info


• Menubar icons look much better in Yosemite's dark mode
• Added horizontal adjustment for image in Overlay
• Screenshots taken with Frame tool now include the mouse cursor
• Code style for apps can now be selected directly from the Loupe's color format menu
• Added L*a*b color format to Loupe
• Rulers can now display an aspect ratio (using new properties window)
• Added items to open Preferences and Show/Hide xScope in single icon menubar
• URL encoding in Text tool now encodes all reserved characters (per RFC 3986)
• Updated Mirror templates to include new iPhone screen sizes


• Loupe now stays above Guides and Frames by default
• Fixed improper placement of Guides and Frames with some display configurations
• Mirror templates now display correctly when a Retina display is attached
• The save dialog for a screenshot no longer hides behind another active app


OS X 10.8 or later


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