Xcode 5.0 – Integrated development environment (IDE) for Mac OS X.

Xcode 5.0Apple Xcode is Apple Computer’s integrated development environment (IDE) for OS X. The full Xcode package is free to ADC members and includes all the tools you need to create, debug, and optimize your own Universal applications, targeting both Intel and PowerPC platforms. At the heart of Xcode is a graphical workbench that tightly integrates a syntax-highlighting text editor, a robust build control system, a debugger, and the powerful GCC compiler capable of targeting both Intel and PowerPC regardless of host platform. Xcode is both easy to use, using assistants to create working projects in just minutes, and also powerful enough to build the largest OS X applications. Xcode is bundled with Interface Builder, AppleScript Studio, Java development support, and WebObjects development tools, among many others.

What’s New

Version 5.0:

  • Includes SDKs for OS X 10.8 and iOS 7
  • LLVM compiler builds 64-bit apps for iOS 7
  • Automatic Configuration enables services like iCloud and Game Center with one click
  • Test Navigator helps you quickly add, edit, and run unit tests
  • Test Assistants display tests and code side-by-side for test driven development
  • Auto Layout in IB can generate constraints automatically, or allow free-form design
  • Preview Assistant demonstrates your UI in portrait or landscape, for iOS 6 or iOS 7
  • Asset Catalog organizes all your project’s images in a single .xcassets archive
  • Debug Gauges show CPU, memory, iCloud, and OpenGL ES usage at a glance
  • Source Control top-level menu enables context sensitive branching and merging
  • Modules build setting speeds compile times, and enables auto-linking system frameworks


Intel, OS X 10.8.4 or later


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