vSSH 1.9 – Advanced customizable SSH and Telnet client.


Advanced customizable SSH and Telnet client with iCloud connections, macros and keys sharing.

Key fetaures:
– SSH and Telnet protocols
– Username/password and public/private Keys authentication
– Multi-sessions with tabbed interface
– iCloud connections, macros and keys sharing with other vSSH apps (for iPhone, iPad and OS X)
– Key forwarding
– Port forwarding (support connection without shell: -N mode)
– Macros with variables support
– Select and Copy/Paste text
– Customize fonts and colors
– Pseudographics support
– Wide unicode characters (e.g. Korean) are supported
– Multi window tabbed interface
– Keep alive settings
– Auto scroll settings

Additional features:
– Export connection as file or URL
– Auto-run command after connect
– Remember previously entered passphrases
– Auto/fixed terminal size settings
– Reset your private data at any time
– Logging (view, delete and print saved logs)

What’s New

Version 1.9:
- OS X and iCloud keychain support
- Multiple groups per connection support
- Alt as Meta key simulation
- Middle click action settings
- Pause and delay support in autorun script
- IPv4/IPv6 address type settings
- Scroll when select text out of screen
- CapsLock mapping to Esc key
- Ability do disable application keypad mode
- Predefined terminal type list
- Display title of the currently selected connection group
- Yosemite dark mode and retina menubar icon
- "New session" window is opened when the last session tab is closed
- Bug-fix: Multi-character East Asian input inserted only the first character
- Bug-fix: Crash when close terminal during macro/autorun script execution
- Bug-fix: Crash on connection to localhost
- Bug-fix: Terminal screen sometimes isn't redrawn after wake up
- Bug-fix: Freeze on tunnelling to 22 port
- Bug-fix: Possible freeze on closing connection with port forwarding
- Bug-fix: Number pad Enter generated Ctrl+C
- Bug-fix: Key files may become empty after changing sync type from local to Dropbox


OS X 10.7 or later, 64-bit processor


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