Unity 3D 4.0 – High-end game development app.

Unity 3d
Unity 4 brings you a new level of rendering power together with a new animation system, graphics, special effects and performance optimizations. Buy/upgrade to or try a free trial of Unity 4 Pro and get access to all the new features and updates in the entire Unity 4 cycle. Read the release notes, or the Unity product pages for detailed information about all the new features and updates in Unity 4.

All new animation

With Mecanim, our new animation system, you can animate any character or object with astonishing ease. Animate even vast armies with retargeting and Unity’s stability and power, combined with new optimizations, such as skinned mesh instancing, ensure smooth runtime performance. Easily construct and edit complex state machines and blend trees for complete control of how your characters move.

For true professional polish, use Pro-only IK rigs to fine-tune each detail in your animations: perfectly position legs throughout a jump sequence, or make hands grip a ledge, wrap around a doorknob or pick up objects exactly how you want them to. More about Mecanim.

What’s New

Unity 4.0 is our biggest release to date. It brings you all new powerful features never before seen in Unity, such as:

  • Mecanim, the new animation system to animate any character or object
  • Real-time shadows for all platforms
  • DirectX 11 rendering
  • Shuriken particle system updated with world collision functionality
  • Adobe Flash and Linux as two new platforms
  • Cross-platform dynamic fonts
And of course, many more new features and updates. Keep reading to learn more.


  • Mac OS X 10.5 or later
  • Using Occlusion Culling requires GPU with Occlusion Query support (some Intel GPUs do not support that).


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