Ulysses III 1.1 – Creative writing text editor.

Ulysses III 1.1Ulysses III is a brand-new writers’ environment from the Soulmen — the fine folks that brought you Daedalus Touch for iPad.

It’s built around a revolutionary engine, dubbed “plain text enhanced”, which combines the very best parts of minimal markup (i.e., Markdown, Textile) with the power, beauty and simplicity of OS X.

As a single-library app, Ulysses holds all your texts in just one window. No “Open”, no “Save”, no Finder safari. Full iCloud integration lets you access *everything* from all your Macs.

If you own Daedalus Touch (available on the App Store as a universal app for iPad and iPhone), Ulysses III can even sync your writings across all your devices. Start on the bus, continue at home, finish mid-flight. Export to RTF, PDF, TXT, or HTML.

Ulysses III is flexible, adaptive, and built to grow. Use it as a sophisticated notepad, create your next couple of novels, or continuously feed your blog. Keep everything neatly organized, or mess around at will.


Beefed-up, minimalistic three-pane interface

  • Sources › Groups & Filters › Sheets › Editor
  • Select across sources
  • Select multiple groups & filters
  • Edit multiple sheets as one
  • Export and statistics from every part of the library
  • Full keyboard navigation
  • Simply beautiful

Most advanced text editor on the planet

  • “Plain Text Enhanced”
  • Links, Lists, Quotes & Footnotes
  • Comments, Code, Keywords & Annotations
  • Drag-and-drop of images and videos
  • Preview of images and videos
  • Text structure navigation
  • Bookmarks & Favorites
  • Multiple text statistics
  • Functional markup cheat sheet
  • Dark, light, pure, and paged writing modes
  • Several hand-picked color schemes
  • Export to PDF, Word, RTF, TXT, Markdown, and HTML
  • Copy as PDF, HTML, RTF, and Plain Text
  • Paste from HTML, Markdown, and RTF
  • Inspiring typography

OS Integration

  • Full iCloud Sync
  • Versions
  • Full Screen
  • Spelling and Grammar
  • Text Substitutions
  • Dictionary
  • Speech
  • Spotlight Search
  • Enhanced for Retina
  • A true fit

External Sources

  • Import and edit text files from anywhere on disk
  • Share files via Dropbox
  • Preview in Marked.app

Inside jokes

  • Support for umlauts (ä, ü, ö)
  • Apostrophes and dashes
  • Auto-Capitalization when holding the Shift key
  • Line breaks and spaces
  • Left-to-right writing direction
  • Simple launch via double-click

What’s New

Version 1.1
The Warp 1 Update

Ulysses III 1.1 is a major release, addressing a host of user requests and delivering over 287 tweaks, fixes and optimizations. We have added some pretty cool stuff you won’t find anywhere else — it’s a big and thorough thank you to everyone for your ongoing support and dedication.

Optimized for OS X Mavericks

  • - Bang on time
Sidebar Search
  • - Weeeeeh, it’s in!
  • - Filters matches, highlights terms
  • - Fully semantic search (e.g. “comments feat. ‘dude’”)
Customizable Export Styles
  • - Bring your own CSS
  • - Create beautiful PDFs using ULSS (see below)
  • - Export to Word keeping style names
  • - Share styles with others
  • - Call your favorite code editor from within Ulysses’ Styles preferences
ePub Export
  • - Yes
Built-In Preview
  • - Multiple windows
  • - HTML & PDF preview based on styles sheets
  • - Live update
  • - Background update (when editing styles, see)
  • - Export from preview
Typewriter Scrolling 2.0
  • - Horizontally fixed typing with line highlight
  • - Edit-friendly (allows scrolling and repositioning)
Quick Open panel
  • - CMD-O
  • - Alfred-like overlay, perfect for fullscreen editing
Smart Paste
  • - On-the-fly switching between all possible paste modes
  • - Paste as Text, Code Block, Raw Source
  • - Paste from HTML, Markdown
Smart Lists & Tags
  • - Auto-continuation of ordered & unordered lists
  • - Auto-continuation of blocks (code, raw source, quotations, comments)
  • - Auto-completion of tags
  • - Full keyboard control and intuitive completion variants (e.g. just type the end-tag, it will not get inserted twice)
  • - French
  • - German
  • - Italian
  • - Japanese
  • - Spanish
Ulysses Style Sheets (ULSS)
  • - Create beautiful Rich Text or PDF documents
  • - Simple style language, loosely based on CSS
  • - Variables, Mixins, Relations
  • - Easily share styles with others
  • - Edit in your favorite code editor, preview in Ulysses
  • - Syntax Highlight and Auto-Completion plugins available for download
Also, in no particular order
  • - The standard Print command will now print the editor as-is
  • - Print layout is now based on current character width and chosen color theme
  • - Shuffled around some menu items and added some contextual… menu… items
  • - Updated the HTML exporter to treat stand-alone images (i.e. on an otherwise empty paragraph) as figures
  • - Updated the HTML exporter to treat descriptions entered in the popover as figure captions
  • - Fixed import of RTFD files containing PDF images
  • - Fixed loading of External Sources if “.md” was assigned to wrong file types
  • - Improved compatibility with Moom
  • - Fixed several issues with main window and sidebar layout
  • - Added dedicated invisible character for “non breaking space”
  • - Pressing RETURN will now switch from sheet column to editor (and jump to last edited location; double-click always did the same)
  • - Revised a couple of naming conventions throughout the UI (most importantly, we now refer to Folders in External Sources, Stacks in Daedalus and Groups in On My Mac and iCloud)
  • - Redid almost all warning dialogs regarding move, copy & export operations
  • - Fixed word count in footnotes
  • - Fixed bugs and crashes left and right


OS X 10.7.3 or later, 64-bit processor


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