Typinator 7.3 – Speedy and reliable text expansion solution.

Typinator 7.3

Typinator turbo-charges your typing productivity.

Type a little. Typinator does the rest.
We’ve all faced projects that require repetitive typing tasks. With Typinator, you can store commonly used text and images in quick keywords and abbreviations. From email templates to code snippets to website URLs, there’s no easier way to recreate repetitive text at a moment’s notice.

Workflow-Friendly Features
  • Uncomplicated configuration. Quickly and easily create abbreviations and assign replacement text and pictures.
  • Simplified migration. If you already use TextExpander, TypeIt4Me, or a similar app, you can migrate to the highly praised Typinator using simple drag-and-drop importation methods.
  • Conversion options. Instantly convert currency values, measurement units and more.
  • Extensive app compatibility. Your text expansions function in all of your OS X and macOS apps with lightning-fast precision.

What’s New

Version 7.3:

  • Typinator can now import text substitution files exported from System > Preferences > Keyboard > Text
  • Typinator can now add and edit links in formatted text expansions
  • Access to Typinator's variables via AppleScript
  • New marker for the offset from UTC in the format +hh:mm
  • In a Formatted-Text expansion, the built-in DecodeHTML function now produces formatted text from the HTML description
  • Typinator remembers the spell-checking options (check while typing, grammar check, automatic correction) separately for plain text, formatted text, and HTML expansions
  • Faster updates of the sets after changing the sets folder
  • Internal optimization speeds up background activities and reduces memory allocation
  • Internal cleanup reduces memory footprint of Typinator
  • Date and time information in the diagnostics report now uses the local time zone instead of UTC
  • The diagnostics report now contains information about the length of expansions and internal optimization
  • New expansion technique avoids dropped keystrokes in certain borderline cases and results in slightly faster expansions
  • When Typinator is not registered with a license key, the message at the top of the window now tells what to do
  • Diagnostics report includes information about "quick expansion" settings
  • The download link in the "Predefined Sets" sheet now points directly to the Typinator Snippets section on the Extras page
  • Improved clipboard restoration technique avoids cases where command+V immediately after an expansion pasted the expansion again instead of the previous clipboard
  • Subscriptions are now checked only during periods of inactivity
  • Typinator now decodes HTML expansions nested in formatted or plain text expansions
  • Preferences for smart substitution and spell checking options are now saved immediately
  • Fixes a problem where the find panel did not work in the expansion field because all the buttons were disabled
  • Works around a cursor positioning issue in Microsoft Outlook 2016
  • Works around a rare crash when checking for a newer version
  • Fixes and clarifications in the built-in help page on Regular Expressions
  • Fixes an expansion problem in Reaper, where the typed abbreviation was not completely deleted
  • Fixes a problem with a confusing version alert when there was a problem with the network connection
  • Works around an expansion issue in Microsoft OneNote, which resulted in dropped line breaks
  • Fixes a problem that resulted in empty expansions in rare cases
  • Fixes a layout problem in the German localization, which resulted in a narrow editable part of the expansion field
  • Corrects an error in the German AutoKorrektur set
  • Fixes a problem with certain CJK input methods, when the abbreviation and expansion started with the same letters
  • Improves handling of clipboard-based expansions in certain applications with special requirements
  • Works around a problem that resulted in truncated or overlapping user interface elements
  • Works around a cursor positioning problem in VS Code
  • Works around an expansion problem in Bomgar
  • Fixes a problem where the "What does this symbol mean?" menu command could not show an explanation for secure input mode
  • Works around an expansion problem in FoldingText
  • Fixes a vocabulary conflict in certain AppleScripts (such as the Convert script)
  • Works around a cursor positioning issue with the VSCodeVim extension in VS Code
  • Fixes a crash in certain cases where Typinator incorrectly detected and repeatedly handled nested abbreviations
  • Fixes a problem where keystrokes did not work in certain situations in Typinator's save/open dialog windows
  • Works around a cursor positioning problem in Ship


OS X 10.6 or later


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