Typinator 6.6 – Speedy and reliable text expansion solution.

Typinator 6.6

Typinator turbo-charges your typing productivity.

Type a little. Typinator does the rest.

We’ve all faced projects that require repetitive typing tasks. With Typinator, you can store commonly used text and images in quick keywords and abbreviations. From email templates to code snippets to website URLs, there’s no easier way to recreate repetitive text at a moment’s notice.

Workflow-friendly features

  • Uncomplicated configuration. Quickly and easily create abbreviations and assign replacement text and pictures.
  • Simplified migration. If you already use TextExpander, TypeIt4Me, or a similar app, you can migrate to the highly praised Typinator using simple drag-and-drop importation methods.
  • Conversion options. Instantly convert currency values, measurement units and more.
  • Extensive app compatibility. Your text expansions function in all of your OS X apps with lightning-fast precision.

What’s New

Version 6.6:

  • Typinator now works with the Pinyin input methods for Chinese.
  • Typinator no longer clears the search field when closing the Typinator window.
  • When a new version is available, you can now check the new features before downloading the new version.
  • Internal improvements in the implementation of update checking.
  • Fixes a confusing message when a new version is available.
  • Built-in installer adapted to new functions and appearance of OS X 10.10 Yosemite.
  • Works around an occasional installation problem when the target folder was not writable.
  • The installer now helps with purchasing and updating licenses when the current license does not cover the new version.
  • Reduced memory requirements when Typinator is idle.
  • Improved detection and handling of foreign input modes.
  • More reliable technique for removing the typed abbreviation when a foreign input mode is used.
  • Internal diagnostic functions for isolating issues with non-standard keyboards.
  • Works around a compatibility problem with 4th Dimension v13.
  • Works around a problem with multi-line expansions in MatLab.
  • Improved reliability of parameter detection in included scripts.
  • Improved detection of situations that require special expansion techniques.
  • Improved tab navigation in the "New Item from…" window.
  • Works around a problem with expansions in certain "Save As" dialog windows.
  • Double-clicking a set in the Finder now shows the imported set in the Typinator window.


OS X 10.6 or later


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