1Blocker 1Doc 1Keyboard 1Password 2Do 3D 3D-Coat 3D Converter 3DimMaker 3D Lut Creator 3D painter 3DWeather 4 Elements 4K 4K Converter 4K Slideshow Maker 4K Stogram 4K UHD Converter 4K Video Downloader 4K YouTube to MP3 4Video DVD Creator 4Video MP3 Converter 5KPlayer 9 Cut 010 Editor 32 Lives 300 Dwarves ABBYY FineReader Pro A Better Finder Attributes A Better Finder Rename A Better Finder Rename 9.08 A Better Finder Rename 9.14 Ableton Live Accessible ACDSee ACDSee Pro ackup to Flickr for iPhoto Acorn Acorn 3.1.2 Acorn 3.2 Acrobat Acrobat Pro Acrobat Reader Acrobat XI Acrobat XI Pro Acronis True Image Action action-puzzle game Actionify AD Addism address book Address Book to CSV ADesigns Adguard Adium Adium 1.4.4 Adobe Adobe After Effects Adobe AIR Adobe Audition CC Adobe Captivate 7 Adobe CS6 Adobe Dreamweaver CC Adobe Flash Professional CC Adobe Illustrator Adobe Illustrator CC Adobe InCopy Adobe InCopy CC Adobe InDesign CC Adobe Lightroom Adobe Muse CC Adobe Prelude CC Adobe Premiere Pro Adware Doctor Adware Removal Adze Aeon Timeline Aer Affinity Designe Affinity Designer Affinity Photo After Effects After Effects CC After Focus AfterShot AfterShot Pro Age of Tribes Aimersoft DVD Ripper AirBeam AirBeam Pro Air Browser Air Combat Game AirFile Airfoil Airfoil 4.6.1 Airmail AirParrot AirPlay AirPlayer AirPlayer Pro AirPlayX AirPort Express AirPrint AirRadar AirRadar 2.2.2 AirServer AirServer 3.1 AirServer 3.1.1 AirServer 3.1.2 AirServer 3.2.0 AirServer 4.2.1 AirServer 4.4 AirServer 4.5 AirServer 4.5.2 AirStreamer AirTunes AirVLC airWord Pro Airy Aiseesoft Audio Converter Aiseesoft PDF Converter Aktuell AKVIS HDRFactory Alarm Alarm Clock Alarm Clock Pro Alarm Clock Pro 9.4.6 Alarms Alarms 1.2 Album AlbumStomp Alfred Powerpack Algodoo Physics Algotica Alias Alias Design All-in Yoga All Docs Alpha AlphaMail Alpha Omega Alternote Altunenator Amadeus Amadeus Pro Amarra Amazing Slow Downer Amberlight Ambify Amnesia AmpKit AmpliTube Analog Analog 1.0.1 Analyzr Pro Anatomy & Physiology Android Android Data Recovery Angry Birds Angry Birds 2.1.0 Angry Birds Rio Angry Birds Rio 1.4.2 Angry Birds Rio 1.4.4 Angry Birds Seasons Angry Birds Seasons 2.0.1 Angry Birds Seasons 2.3.0 Angry Birds Seasons 2.4.1 Angry Birds Space Angry Birds Space 1.0.0 Angry Birds Star Wars Animate Animation Animation:Master Animationbox Animationist Anime Studio Anime Studio Pro Animix Anna Annotate Annotation Edit Antetype Antidote Any DVD Ripper Any FLAC Converter AnyMP4 AnyMP4 AVCHD Converter AnyMP4 MOD Converter AnyMP4 MP4 Converter AnyMP4 MTS Converter AnyMP4 MXF Converter Any PDF Converter Pro AnyToISO AnyTrans Anytune Aperture Apowersoft AppBolish AppCleaner App Cleaner AppCode App for IMDB App for WhatsApp AppFresh AppGenome AppIcon AppIcon Generator AppKiller Apple Apple Apps Apple Final Cut Pro X Apple Final Cut Pro X 10.0 Apple Keynote Apple Logic Pro Apple Motion Apple Music Apple Numbers AppleScript AppleScripts Apple TV Applications Application Wizard Applicons AppLocker appn'wire App Pier Appriority AppSana App Tamer App Tamer 1.2.1 App Uninstaller AppViz AppViz 2.1.6 App Wrapper AppZapper Aquarium Live HD Aquarium Videos Araxis Merge ArchiCAD Archimedes Archive Archive Expert archiver Archiver 1.2.1 Archiver 1.2.2 archives Archive Utility ArcSoft Photo+ ARES Commander Around the World in 80 Days Around the World in 80 Days: The Game 1.0.2 Arq Arranged Arrival Arriving Artboard Art Files Art Helper Artistry Photo Pro Artlantis Render Artlantis Studio Artoon ArtRage Arts Art Text Art View Asphalt Asphalt 7 Asset Catalog Creator Astro Astropad aText aText 1.2 aText 1.3 Atom ATOMIC aTV Flash ATV Flash black Audacity audio audioblog AudioBook Audio Book Audiobook Builder AudioBook Converter Audio Companion Audio Converter audio editor AudioFinder Audio Hijack Audio Hijack Pro AudioMate AudioMulch audio player Audio Recorder Audio Record Pro AudioSwitcher Audio tool AudioTunes Audiozue Audirvana Plus Audition Audition CC Aurora Aurora3DMaker Aurora Blu-ray Player Aurora HDR Aurora HDR Pro Author Too Author Tools AutoCAD Autodesk Autodesk Alias Design Autodesk Smoke Autodesk Smoke 2013 AutoMailer Automatic Automatically AutoMounter Autopano Giga AutoPrompt AVCHD Converter Avid Media Composer Avid Pro Tools HD AVItools AV Recorder AVT PosterFrame Awaken Awesome Cliparts Awesome Mails Pro Awesome Mails Pro Edition Awesome Screenshot Axure RP Axure RP Pro Axure RP Pro 6 Back-In-Time Backgrounds Back In Focus Back In Focus 1.0.2 backup BackUp Gmail Badia Exportools BADLAND Bad Piggies BadPiggies Baldur's Gate II : Enhanced Edition Balrum Balsamiq Mockups Band-in-a-Box Banktivity BannerZest BannerZest Pro BannerZest Pro 3.1.0 baratmo Barcode Barcode Maker Barcody Barcody 2.12 Barsoom Bartender Base64 Pro Basecamp basICColor display batchGIF BatchInpaint BatchPhoto Batman battery Battery Charging Alert Battery Health Battery Time Indicator Battle Supremacy Battle Worlds: Kronos BBEdit Beamer BeanCounter beaTunes Beautune Bee Bee Leader Beelog Beelog 2.0 BeerAlchemy Be Focused Pro BeFunky Express Beta Better Battery BetterSnapTool BetterTouchTool BetterUnarchiver Better Window Manager BetterZip Bevy Bevy 1.0.11 Beyond Compare Beyond Ynth Beyond Ynth HDX Beyond Ynth HDX 1.6 BezierCode Bible Big Aperture Big Aperture 1.1.1 Big Aperture 1.1.2 Big Mean Folder Machine BigPicture Bike Baron Billings Billings Pro Bills Bin-it Birthdays Bitcoin Bitcoin Monitor Bitcoin Taskbar BitMedic AntiVirus BitPerfect Bits BitTorrent Bittorrent client Bitwig Studio Blast Bleam Blink Block ads blog blog editor Blogger blogging client Blogo BlogStomp BlogTouch Bloom Bloons TD Blot Blot 1.0.1 Blotter Blotter 2.0.2 Blow Up Blu-ray Blu-ray media player Blu-ray Player Blu-ray Player 1.9.6 Blu-ray Player 2.1.2 BlueHarvest Bluenote Blue Penguin Business Card Designer Blue Penguin eCard Templates Blue Planet Blueprint Bluetooth Bluetooth Unlock Bluray Player Bob Came in Pieces BoinxTV Bokeh BombSquad Bonjour bonzai3d Book Book Collector Bookends BookletCreator BookMacster Bookmark Bookmark manager bookmarks Book Palette BookReader BookReader 3.8 BookReader 4.2 Books Expert BookShelf Books Mill BookStore Boom Boom 3D Boom Recorder Boost up Memory Booxter Borderlands 2 Boson Boxshot Boxy Brain Pro BrainVoyager QX Brainwave Studio Breaking BreakTime Bria BricsCAD Bridge Bridge CC Briefly Briefs Brochures Expert Broken Age browser Browser Care BrowserFreedom Browserism Browsers BT bTorrent Bug BugHub Bugz BuildBox Bumpr Bundle for iWork Burn Business Business Card Business Card Composer Business Card Expert Business Card Maker for Pages Business Card Shop Business Cards Mill Business Card Studio Business Mix Business Mix for Pages Business Mix Set Business Stationery BusinessTasks Business Template Lab Business Templates for MS Word Business Templates for Pages BusyCal BusyCal 1.6 BusyCal 1.6.2 BusyContacts Butler Byword Byword 1.4 Byword 1.5.1 Byword 1.5.2 Caboodle CacheCleaner CAD CADintosh CADintosh X Caffeinated Caffeinated 1.0.2 Caffeinated 1.1 CaffeinateMe Calca Calcbot CalcMadeEasy CalcPad CalcTape calculations calculator calendar CalendarBar Calendarique CalendarMenu CalendarPro CalendarPro for Google calendars CalEventer Caliander Caliander 1.0.8 calibre CallPad Call Recorder Call Recorder for Skype Calories Camera CameraBag CameraBag 2.0.1 CameraBag Cinema CameraBag Photo Camera Lock Camera Raw camLAPSE Camouflage Camouflage 2.1.1 Camptune X Camtasia Canary Canary Mail Candle CandyBar CandyBar 3 CandyBar 3.3.3 CandyBar 3.3.4 Canigo Canvas Draw Capo Capo 2.1.4 Cappuccino Cappuccino 1.21 CapSee CapsLocker Captivate Capture All Capture Gif Capture One Capture One Pro Capturer CaptureSync Carbon Copy Cloner Card Card4Call Caret CargoLifter Car Mechanic Simulator Carousel Carousel 1.2 Carousel 1.3.2 Carousel 1.4 Carousel 1.4.1 CARROT Weather Cartographica Cashculator Cashew Catalog Catalyst Cathode CB Radio Box CCleaner CDRViewer Ceceree Cefipx Cefipx 1.100 Certificates Studio Certificates Templates for Pages Chamberlain Changes Chaos Control Character Animator Characters Charles Chat ChatBook Pro Chatology Chatty CheatSheet CheckBook CheckBook Pro Checkmate Check Off Checkout CheckUp Cheetah3D Chief Architect Premier Chikoo Chill Pill Chill Pill 1.4 CHM to ePub Converter Choco Chocolat Chocolat 1.0 ChordsMaestro Chroma Chrome Chronicle Chrono Plus ChronoSync Cinch Cinch 1.0.6 Cinch 1.1 Cinema 4D Cinemagraph Pro Circuit Circular Studio Circus Ponies NoteBook Cisdem Cisdem AppCrypt Cisdem ContactsMate Cisdem DataRecovery Cisdem DocumentReader Cisdem DuplicateFinder Cisdem iPhoneCleaner Cisdem iPhoneRecovery Cisdem OCRWizard Cisdem PDFConverter Cisdem PDFPasswordRemover ClamAV Claquette Clarify Clarify 1.1.3 Classic Color Meter ClassicWeather ClassicWeather HD Clean CleanApp CleanApp 3.4.9 CleanApp 3.4.10 CleanMedia CleanMyApp Clean My Desktop Clean My Desktop 1.1 CleanMyDrive CleanMyDrive 1.0 CleanMyMac CleanMyMac 1.9.6 CleanMyMac 1.10.1 CleanMyMac 1.10.2 CleanMyMac 1.10.3 CleanMyMac 1.10.4 CleanMyMac 1.10.5 CleanMyMac 1.10.6 CleanMyMac 1.10.8 CleanMyMac 2 CleanMyPhone Clean Text CleanUSBDrive Clean Writer Pro Clean Writer Pro 1.2 Clear Clear Day ClearDisk Clearview ClickRepair Clicktunes CLion Clipart Prime clipboard Clipboard Center clipboard manager ClipPhoto ClipWrap ClipWrap 2.4.5 ClipWrap 2.5 clock Clone X Cloud Cloud Commander CloudMagic CloudMagic Email Cloud Mate CloudMounter Cloud Music Cloud Outliner Pro CloudPlay CloudPull cloud storage Cloud Sync CloudTV Clox Clox 1.0 Clusters Coati Cobook Cobook 1.0 Cobook 1.1 Cobook Contacts Cockos Reaper Cocktail CocoaBox coconutBattery Coda Coda 1.7.3 Coda 1.7.5 Coda 2 Coda 2.0 Coda 2.0.1 Coda 2.0.2 Code CodeBox CodeBox 1.6 Codebug Code Collector Pro Code Collector Pro 1.5.2 Code editor CodeKit CodeKit 1.1.4 CodeRunner CodeRunner 1.1 CodeRunner 1.3 CodeRunner 1.3.1 Code Snippet CodeUp CodeUp 1.4 Coffee Break Coffitivity Coin Drop! Coiney Coinverter Colibri CollageIt CollageIt Pro Collage Maker Collection CoLocalizer Color Accent Studio Pro Color Filters For Photos ColorFinale Colorful Word color picker Color picking tool ColorSnapper Color Splash Studio Color Splash Studio 1.3 Colors PRO ColorSquid Color Strokes ColorStrokes Color Strokes 2.1 ColorWell Colossus Combo Translator Comburet Comic comic book ComicBookLover ComicBookLover 1.5 Comic Life Comics Comic viewer Coming soon Command Center Commander Commander One Commander One PRO Compilers Composer Composé Compression Compressor Computer Glasses ConceptDraw Office Condense ConFusebox Connect Construction Simulator Contact Contact manager ContactPage contacts Contacts Cleaner Contacts Journal CRM Contexts Contour Control Center ControllerMate Converter Convertos Convertr Convert video Cookie Cooking Coolant Coollector Movie Database Copied copy copy and paste CopyCatX CopyClip Copyem Paste CopyLess Core Animator CoreBreach Core Data Editor Core Data Editor 4.2 Corel AfterShot Corel AfterShot Pro CorelCAD Corel Painter Cornerstone Cornerstone 2.6 Corporate Packs for Pages Corporate Templates coucou Countdown Timer Countdown Timer Gadget Countdown widget Counter-Strike Courier Coverage CoverSutra CoverSutra 3.2.1 CPU Speed Accelerator CPU Speed Accelerator 6.0 Crack Cracked CrazyTalk CrazyTalk Animator Cream CRM Cross DJ CrossFTP CrossOver Crunch Crunch 1.2 CrushFTP Cryptey Cryptocurrency ticker CryptoEdit Crypt Sync Files CS CSS3 CSS3 ButtonBuilder CSS3 Gradients CSSDesigner CSS Hat CSS Image Encoder CSS Image Encoder 1.2.2 CSV CSV Converter CSVEditorPro2 CudaText Cultures Northland Cultures Northland 1.0.0 Cuptakes Curio Currencier Currency Assistant Currency Converter Current CursorSense CuteFTP Cut the Rope Cut the Rope 1.0 Cut the Rope 1.0.1 Cut the Rope 1.1 CyanogenMod Cyberduck DAEMON Tools daily DailyDo DaisyDisk DaisyDisk 2.1.1 Dark Boot Darkest Dungeon Dash database Database Admin Databases Manage Data Creator Data Extractor DataGraph DataGrip Data Guardian Data recovery Data Rescue DataStorm DateLine Date Recovery Datum DaVinci Resolve Studio Dawnstar Daylife Daylight Daylite DayMap Day One Day One 1.5 Day One 1.5.5 Day One 1.7 Day One 1.7.1 Day One 1.7.2 Day One Classic DayRate Dayspring DB-Text DBox dBpoweramp Music Converter DB Solo DbVisualizer DCommander De'v Deadline Dead Synchronicity Debit & Credit Debookee Decibel Decibel 1.2.6 Deckset Decloner Declutter Dedupo Deep deepClock Default Folder X defense game Defense Grid Defense Grid 1.0.3 Defense zone Defense zone 2 Degrees deinstaller Deja Vu Dejumble Delete files Delibar Delicious Delicious Library Delicious Library 2.7.5 Delicious Library 2.7.8 Delineato Delineato Pro Delish Deliver Express Deliveries DeltaGraph DeltaMunki Denied Density design DesignBox Designer designing Designs Expert Designs for Mail Design software design tool Desk Desk Clock Desk MD Desk NT Deskovery Desk PM desktop Desktop Bible desktop calendar Desktop Curtain Desktop Ghost Desktop Ghost Pro Desktop Groups Desktop publishing Desktopr Desktop Tidy DevBox Developer Developer Font Tool Developer Preview Developer Preview 2 developer tool Developer Tools Development development tool DEVONagent DEVONagent Pro DEVONnote DEVONsphere DEVONsphere Express DEVONthink DEVONthink Personal DEVONthink Pro DEVONthink Pro Office DEVONthink Pro Office 2.3.2 Diablo Diablo II Diagramming Diagrammix diagrams Dialogue diary Dictaphone Did I Click Digital Asset Management digital note Digital Performer Digital Sentry Diptic Direct Download Direct Mail Direct Message Direct Message for Instagram Disc Cover DiscLabel DiscoBrick DiscoBrickDJ Discovr Discovr Movies Discovr Music Discovr Music 1.0 disk DiskAid DiskAid 5.02 DiskAid 5.03 DiskAid 5.04 DiskAid 5.05 DiskAid 5.2 DiskAid 5.3.5 DiskAid 5.3.6 DiskAid 5.4 DiskAid 5.21 Disk Alarm Disk Alarm 1.2.2 Disk Analyzer Pro Disk App DiskCatalogMaker Disk Clean Disk Cleaner Disk Cleaner Suite Disk Clean Pro Disk Diag Disk Diet Disk Doctor Disk Drill Diskeeper Disk Expert Disk Graph Disk Health Disk Inspector DiskKeeper DiskKeeper Pro Disklens Disk Map Disk Map Analyzer Disk Mounter Disk Order Disk Sensei Disk Space Pro disk tool DiskTools Pro disk utility DiskWarrior Disk Xray DiskZilla Display Maestro Display Maid Divvy Divvy 1.3.5 DivX DivX Plus DivX Pro DJ djay djay 4.0.1 djay djay 4.0.2 djay 4.0.4 djay 4.0.5 djay Pro DJ for iTunes DJ Mixer DJ Mixer Pro DJ system DjVu DjVuReader DjVu Reader FS DjVu Viewer DM1 DMG DMG Canvas Doceri Doceri Desktop Dock DockMenus Dock Preview DockShelf DockTime DockView Docs Expert Document Builder Document Converter Document Scanner Documents manage documents manager Dombra Tuner Done Doo Door Kickers Doppel Double Commander DoubleTake Downcast Downlaod Download Download iOS 7.0.2 Download iOS 7.0.4 Download Link Download Links Download Manager Download OS X 10.9 Do Your Data Recovery DoYourData Super Eraser Dr. Cleaner Pro Dr.Fone Toolkit Dracula 4 Drag Dragon Dragon Burn Dragon Dictate Dragon Responsive Email Designer DragThing Dramatic Black & White Drawing DrawnStrips Reader DrawOutX DreamShot Dreamweaver Dreamweaver CC Dribbble Drill Drive DriveDx Drive Genius Drivers DriversX Drop DropBook Dropbox Dropbox 1.4.0 DropCopy DropDMG Droplr Droplr 3.0.1 DropMeFTP DropMeFTP 1.6.0 Dropshare Dropshelf DropSync DropSync 2.4.4 Dropzone Dropzone 2.0 DSLR Assistant dslrBooth DSLR Remote Pro DSync ducation Due Due 1.1 Dumper Dupe Away dupeGuru dupeGuru 3.3.3 dupeGuru Picture Edition DupeZap DupeZap Plus DupHunter Duplicate Duplicate Annihilator Duplicate Detective Duplicate File Cleaner Duplicate File Finder Duplicate Finder Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro Duplicates Expert Duplicate Sweeper DuplicateViewer Duplicate Windows Duplikate Dusty Revenge DVD DVDBurner DVDFab DVDRemaster DVDRipper DVD Ripper DVD Tool DVDxDV Pro DwellClick DwellClick 2.1.1 DWG Viewer DxO DxO FilmPack DxO OpticsPro DxO Optics Pro DxO OpticsPro for Photos DxO Perspective DxO ViewPoint E-Book Preview E-Book Viewer e-mail Eagle EagleFiler Earth Earth 3D Earth 2140 Easy Audio Notes EasyBatchPhoto EasyBatchPhoto 3.1.1 EasyCloud EasyCloud 1.5.5 EasyCrop Easy Cut Studio EasyFrame EasyGuitarTuner Easy Guitar Tuner Easy Markdown Easy New File Easy Pass EasyPing Easy Sketch Pro Easy Translation Easy Violin Tuner Easy Voice Changer EazyDraw Ebay eBook ebook reader eBooks eCard Echo Echofon Echofon 1.5.2 Echofon 1.5.7 Echofon 1.5.8 Echofon for Mac Economacs Ecoute Ecoute 3.0 Ecoute 3.0.1 Ecoute 3.0.2 Ecoute 3.0.3 Ecoute 3.0.4 Ecoute 3.0.6 ecto ecto 3.0.2 Edge Animate CC Editors EditReady EditRocket Edraw Max Education Education Templates ED XPSReader effects Effect Stack Egis Ehon Ehon 1.0.1 Eicon El Capitan El Capitan Cache Cleaner Elements for iWork Elements Lab Elmedia Player Elmedia Video Player eMail Address Extractor Email application Email Archiver Email Archiver Enterprise Email Backup Email Client Email Designer EmailX Ember Embrilliance Essentials Emoji eMule Emulsion Enemy Territory Quake Wars EnergyXT Enhance Images Enpass Enqueue Enqueue 1.0.1 Ensoul Ensoul 1.1.3 Ensoul Wallpapers Entertainment Enter the Gungeon Entropy Entropy 1.3.9 Entropy 1.4.1 Entry Eon ePageCreator Ephnic Movie Maker Ephnic Screen Recorder Ephnic Video Converter ePic Episode Episodes EPSViewer Pro ePublr Epubor Ultimate ePub Packager Equilibrium Erato Escape Escape from LaVille Espionage Espresso Espresso 2.0 Espresso 2.0.1 Espresso 2.0.3 Essential Anatomy Essentials Essentials 1.2 Etcher EtreCheck evasi0n Evasi0n7 EventScripts EverMail Evernote Evershare EverWeb EvoCam Ex-Libris ExactScan ExactScan Pro Excel Excel2Plist Excentro Exchange Rates Excle Exedore Exhibeo Exif Editor EXIF Sync ExLibris ExpanDrive Expanse Experience Design Expert Bundle Expert Clipart Expert Designs Expert Set Expert Templates Export Calendars Pro Exposure Exposure X Express Burn Expressions External Editors For Photos ExtFS eXtra Voice Recorder EyeTV F-Stop f.lux F1 2012 F4Trigger Face4Pass Facebook Facebook chat FaceFilter Face for Facebook FaceTop FaceTop 1.2.0 Fade In Fake Falcon Fallout 2 Fantastical Fantastical 1.1 Fantastical 1.1.1 Fantastical 1.2 Fantastical 1.2.1 Fantastical 1.2.2 Fantastical 1.2.3 Fantastical 1.2.4 Fantastical 1.3 Fantastical 1.3.1 Fantastical 1.3.2 Fantastical 1.3.3 Farensius Farming Simulator FastComputer FastCut Fast Logout Fast Motion Clipper FastScripts FastTasks FastTrack Schedule Faux Pas FavoriteApps Favorite FTP Favorite Text favourites manager Favs Favs 1.0.2 Fax Studio Fax Templates for Pages featured Feed Feeder feedly Feist Fetch Fetch 5.7 Fetch 5.7.1 FFmpeg Fidelia Fieldrunners File Buddy File Cabinet Pro File Juicer File List Export Fileloupe FileMaker FileMaker Pro FileMaker Pro Advanced FileMaker Server File Managemen File Management file manager File Multi Tool File Optimizer FilePane FileSalvage File Sumo FileSumo File Time FileWard FilmConvert FilmConvert Pro Film Noir Filmora FilmPack FilmTag Filter Forge Final Cut Final Cut Library Manager Final Cut Pro Final Cut Pro X Final Draft Finale Finance Finance Manager financial financial calculator Financial management financial manager Finch Finch 1.4 Finch for Inbox Find Any File Finder Fine Photo Collage Pro FineReader FineReader OCR Pro FineReader Pro FinKit Fire Fire & Forget The Final Assault Fire Ball Fire Ball 1.4.0 Firefox Fireplace Live HD FireStream Firetask firewall Fission FLAC Converter Pro FLAC player Flame Assist Flamingo Flare Flare 1.3 Flare 1.3.1 Flare 1.4 Flash Flashcard Hero Flashcards Flash CC Flash Professional Flash Professional CC FlatOut 2 Flavours Flexify Flexiglass Flexiglass 1.5.1 FlexRuler Flickery flickery 1.9.25 Flickr Flickr client flie Flight Control Flight Control HD Flight Control HD 1.03 Flightradar24 Flinto Flipbook Creator Flirt Flirt 1.0.28 FlixTools Floid Flood Floradora Flow Flowstate FlowVella Fluid Fluid Browser Fluid Mask Flume Flush Memory Flutter Flux Flux 4.0.21 Flux 4.1.11 Flyer Expert Flyer Maker Pro Flyer Mill Flyers Templates for Pages Flying Logic Pro Fnder Focus Focus 1.2 Focus 2 Focused FocusList FocusMask FocusMask 1.0 Focus Timer Fold Defy FolderBrander Folder Color Folder Designer Folder Icon Designer Folder Icon Maker Folder Icons FolderMarker Folders Factory Folders Factory 1.2 Folder Size Catalog FoldersSynchronizer Folder Sync Folder Sync 1.4.1 Folder Tidy FoldingText Folx Folx GO+ FoneLab Font FontAgent Pro FontBoss Fontcase FontDoctor font editor FontExplorer FontExplorer X Pro FontGenius Font management Fontography Fonts Fonts for Developer Font Sleuth Font Tools FontXChange Football Game Football Manager Football Manager 2013 Forecast Forecast Bar Forecaster ForgetMeNot ForgetMeNot 1.0.3 ForkLift ForkLift 2.5.1 formZ FotoFuse FotoMagico Fotor FoxTrot Professional Search FoxTube Fragment Framer Framer Studio Frank DeLoupe Franz Free Free Free 1.0.3 Free Apps Freebies Free Bundle Free Game free memory FreeMemory FreeMemory Pro FreeMemory Pro 1.5 FreeSpace Freeway Freeway Express Freeway Pro Fresh Friendly for Pinterest Frizzix FruitJuice fScanX FSMonitor FTP FTP/SFTP client FTP client FTP server Fuel for Keynote Fuel for MS Word Fuel for Numbers Fuel for Pages Fuel for PowerPoint Fumy Fundy Designer FunSketch Fusio Fusio Utility pro FuzzMeasure FxFactory FxFactory Pro G-Ear Player Gadget GAget Galaxy Pro Game Game-emulation game development Game Engine GamePad Companion Games Gaming Tools GarageBand GaragePay GarageSale GarageTunes Garden Planner Gas Mask Gatekeeper Gear Player Geekbench GeekTool Gemba Gemini Gemini 1.0.1 Gemini 1.0.2 Gemini 1.3 Gemini 1.3.1 Gemini: The Duplicate Finder 1.0.2 Genealogy GeoExpert Geographic Information System Gestimer Gestures Get Backup Get Backup Pro GetTheVideo GG Radio Ghostlab Ghostnote GhostTile GIF GIF'ted GIF Animator GIFBrewery GIF Brewery GIF Maker GIF Maker Movavi Gifox GIFQuickMaker Gif Recorder Git GitAhead GitBar Git Client GitHub GitHub for Mac Git version Glimpses Glui Glyph Designer Glyphs Gmaes Gmail Goetia Golden Master Goldfish Gold Master Goodday GoodSync GoodSync Pro GoodSync Pro 3.0.1 GoodTask GoodTimes Google Google+ for iOS Google+ for iPhone Google Analyics Google Calendar Google Chrome Google Drive Google Drive 1.0 Google Maps Google Music Google News Google Nik Collection Google Photos Google Reader Google Reader Client Google RSS reader Google Talk Google Voice goPanel GPS GPS tracks manager Grabber GrabIt Gradekeeper Gradient Gradient 1.0 Graffiti GrandReporter GrandTotal Graphic Graphic cliparts GraphicConverter Graphic Inspector Graphics Graphics & Design Graphics and Design Graphics for iWork Graphic Styles GraphSketcher Grappler Great Photo Pro Greeting Card Greeting Card Expert Greeting Cards Greeting Card Shop Greeting Cards Mill grid-style Spaces Grids Gridsutra GroupsPro Growl Growl 1.3 Growl 1.3.1 Growl 1.3.2 Growl 1.3.3 Growl 1.4 Growl 2.0 GrowlMail GrowlTunes GrowlVoice GrowlVoice 1.7.2 GrowlVoice 2.0 GTD Guitar Guitar Jam Tracks GuitarNotesFinder Guitar Pro Guitar Rig Pro H265 Converter H265 Converter Pro Hack Hacker Bar HamLog Hammer HandBrake HandsFree Hands Off! Hands Off! 1.4.2 Hands Off! 1.4.3 Hands Off! 1.5 Hands Off! 1.5.1 Hands Off! 2.0.1 Hands Off! 2.0.2 Hands Off! 2.0.3 Hand Tint Pro Handy Note handyPrint HardwareGrowler HardwareGrowler 1.3.2 Hardware Monitor Hardware Monitor 4.95 Harmony HashTab Haven Hazel HazeOver HD Cleaner HDD Fan Control HDR Darkroom HDR Darkroom 2.2.0 HDR images HDR Light Studio HDRtist Pro HDRtist Pro 1.0.5 HDRtist Pro 1.0.8 health Health & Fitness Health and Fitness Hear Hear 1.1.1 Hear 1.1.5 Hedge Hej Stylus! Helicon Focus Helicon Remote Help Crafter Heredis Hex-Editor Hex editors Hibari Hider Hides HighDesign Highland Highlight Highlights HistoryHound Hobo Hocus Focus Hogwasher Home Design Home Design 3D Home Inventory Home Library OS Home Personal Home Scan Hopper Hopper Disassembler Horae Horcrux Email Backup Horst Horst 1.0 Hostbuddy hosts Hot-key Hot Shots Hot Simple Image Viewer HoudahGeo HoudahSpot HoudahSpot 3.5.3 Hourly News Housekeeper hr HTML HTML5 HTML Edit HTML editor HTML Egg HTML Egg Classic Edition HTML Egg Pro HTTP HTTP proxy HTTP Scoop Hue Menu HueShifter hueShow Human Anatomy Atlas Human Japanese Human Resource Machine Huntr Hydra Hydra Pro Hype Hype 1.5 Hyper HyperDock HyperDock 1.2.1 Hyperlapse Pro Hypernap HyperPdf i39 iAD iA Writer iA Writer 1.1.2 iA Writer 1.2 iA Writer Pro iBackupBot iBackup Viewer iBank iBomber Defense Pacific iBook iBook Copy iBookCopy iBooks iBouquiniste iCal iCalamus iCareFone iCash Ichi iCircuit iCleanMemory iCleanMemory 1.6 iClip iClipboard iClipboard 4.1.0 iClock Pro iCloud iCloud Beta 4 iClouDrive iCloud Support ICNS iCollage Pro iCollections iCompta Icon Icona IconAir IconAir 1.1.0 IconBox IconBox 2.5.8 icon conversion tool Icon Creator IconFly Icon Glue IconJar IconKit IconKit 2.0.1 Icon Plus Icon Slate iconStiX Icon Tools iConvert Icons iconXprit iCorner Radius iDatabase IDE iDefrag iDeskCal iDisk iDocument iDocument Plus iDo Notepad Pro iDraw iExplorer iExplorer 3.0.2 iFFmpeg iFinance iFlicks iFoto Converter iFoto Denoise iFoto HDR iFoto Montage iFoto Stitcher iFunia Photo Slideshow iGallery iGallery Pro iGetter iGif Creator iGlasses iGreetingCard Holidays iHex IINA iKana iKanji iLicense iLicense 1.4.2 iLife 11 iLife 2013 Illustration Illustrator Illustrator CC Illustrator CS6 iLock IM Image2Icon Imagebox Image Browser Image Editing image editor Image Editors Image Exif Editor Image Filter ImageFramer ImageGlitch IMAGEmini ImageMinify ImageNest ImagePrivacyClean images Image Smith Image Tricks Image Tricks Pro Image Viewer IMAP ImaPic iMazing IMDB iMovie Impresso IMT Image Converter iMuscle iMusic iMute iMyFone D-Back iMyfone Umate iMyFone Umate Pro Inboard Incoming InCopy InCopy CC InDesign InDesign CC InDesign CS6 Indigo Renderer iNet iNet 1.2.2 iNet Network Scanner InfoClick Infographics Infographics for Pages Infographics Lab Infographics Lab for Keynote Infographics Lab for Pages information manager Ink2Go Inklet iNMR iNotepad iNotepad Pro Inpaint Inpaint 4.0 Inpaint 4.3 Insights Inspiration Inspiration Set Inspiration Set for Pages Inspire Finance Instabar Pro InstaBro Instacast InstaDesk InstaFeed Instagram Instagram client Instant Instant Convert Instant Effect Instant Menu Instant Resize Instant Translate Instapaper Instapaper client Instaradio InstaReel Instashare Instastack Intaglio Integrity Plus IntelliJ IDEA Intensify Intensify CK Interact Scratchpad Interarchy Intermission Internet Internet favorites Internet radio Internet Speed Test Internet Utilities Inventoria Investoscope Invisible Invisor Invitation Expert iOS iOS 5 iOS 5 Beta 3 iOS 5 Beta 6 iOS5 firmware iOS 5 Jailbreak iOS 5.0 iOS 6.1 iOS 6.1 firmware iOS 6.1 Jailbreak iOS 6.1.2 iOS 6.1.2 Firmware iOS 6.1.2 Jailbreak iOS 6.1.3 iOS 7 iOS 7.0.2 iOS 7.0.3 iOS 7.0.4 iOS 7.1 iOS 8 iOS 8 Beta iOS App iOS Data Recovery iOS device iOS Firmware iOS icons iOS Screen Recorder iOS Transfer ipad iPad 2 JB iPad App iPad Game iPartition iPhone iPhone 5 Jailbreak iPhone Care iPhone Cleaner iPhone Data Recovery iPhone Explorer iPhone firmware iPhone Game iPhone mail client iPhoneRecovery iPhone ringtones iPhone wallpapers iPhoneX iPhoto iPhoto 1.0 iPhoto for iOS iPhoto for iPad iPhoto for iPhone iPhoto Library Manager iPhoto Tagger iPIN IPNetMonitorX IP Notification iPodRip IP Scanner IPSW iPulse iRamDisk iRamDisk 3.0.0 IRC IRC client iReal Pro iRecord iResizer iResizer 2.0 Iridient Developer iRingtone iRingtone Pro iRingtones iRingtones 1.1.1 iRip Iron Money iSale iScrapbook iScrapBox iSet iShowU Instant iShowU Studio iSkysoft iSkysoft iMusic iSkysoft iTransfer iSkysoft iTube Studio iSmartPhoto iSMARTtrain iSoftPhone iSoftPhone Pro iSonics ISP iStat iStatistica iStat Menus iStat Menus 3.18 iStat Menus 3.19 iStat Menus 3.21 iStat Menus 3.22 iStat Menus 3.23 iStat Menus 3.24 iStat Menus 3.25 iStat Menus 3.26 iStat Menus 3.27 iStat Menus 4.0 iStat Mini iStopMotion iStudio Publisher iStumbler iSubtitle iSwift iTaskX itDJ iTeleport iTemplates iThoughts iThoughtsX iToner iTools iTools Pro iTransfer iTranslate iTrash iTriumph Itsycal iTubeDownloader iTunes iTunes 10.5 iTunes 10.5 Beta 6 iTunes 10.5 beta 9 iTunes 10.5.1 iTunes 10.5.1 Beta 3 iTunes 10.5.2 iTunes 11 iTunes 11.1 iTunes Converter iTunes Data Recovery iTunes library iTunes Match iTunes Radio iVI iVideo iVI Pro iVolume iVPN iVPN 6.2 iWatermark iWatermark Pro iWork iWork 2013 iWork Converter iWorkFast Jabber JAC Digital jailbreak jailbreak iOS 5 jailbreak iOS 7 JailbreakMe Jaksta Jaksta 1.2.7 Jaksta 1.2.8 Jelly Defense Jelly Defense 1.10 Jelly Defense 1.12 Jettison Jettison 1.2 Jitouch Jitouch 2.41 JobTimer Joe Danger 2: The Movie journal journaling Joystick Doctor JPEG4Web JPEG Jackal JPEGmini JPEGmini 1.4 JPEGmini Lite JPEGmini Pro JSKing JSON Editor JSON Toolbox JSON utility JSON Wizard JSRef Jump Desktop Jumper Jumper 2.0.6 Jumsoft Clipart Juno Editor Just a Timer JustBroadcaster JustBroadcaster for Facebook JustBroadcaster for YouTube JustBroadcaster YTEd Justnotes Just Type Jutoh K'ed Kaleidoscope Karaoke KaraokeTube Kardnote Karma. Incarnation 1. Kaspersky Virus Scanner KeePass Keep Everything KeepingYouAwake KeepVid Music KeepVid Pro keka Kelir Kerio Notes keyboard Keyboard Maestro Keyboard Pilot keyboard shortcuts Keycard KeyCue KeyFlow Pro Keygen KeyKey Keymo Keynote Keynote Template Design KeyShot KeyShot Pro Kickoff Kingdom Rush Kingdom Rush Frontiers Kings Bounty Warriors of the North Kite Compositor Kiwi Kiwi for Gmail Kiwingu kJams Knowledge Knowledge base Knox Koala Koch Trainer Kodak Preps Koji Color Studio Koku Komodo IDE KPlayer KPlayer 1.2.9 KPlayer 1.2.10 Kuvva Wallpapers Labelist Labels & Addresses LAMA Language Last Knight Later LaTeX editor Latexian Lattice launch applications LaunchBar launchd launcher Launchey LaunchMagic Launchpad Launchpad Manager Launchpad Manager 1.2.1 Launchpad Manager 1.2.5 Launchpad Manager 1.3.1 LaunchRocket Layers Layers 1.6.2 Layout Lab Layout Lab for Keynote Layouts for Keynote leading Guitar Leaf Leafnote Leap Leech Legal Lens Blur LensFlares LensFlare Studio Lessons for iMovie Let.ter Let It Snow Letter Opener Letterspace Letter Templates for Pages Librarian Librarian Pro Library Database Library Monkey Pro LibreOffice License Life Lifestyle Lifestyles LightCapture LightDisk LightDisk 2.2 LightFrame LightPaper Lightroom Lightroom 3.5 Light Screen Sharing LightWave LightWave 3D Lightworks LilyView LIMBO LIMBO 1.1 LIMITED-TIME Free Limited free Lines of Code Lingon Lingon 3.1 Lingon X Linguan Lingvo Dictionary Lion Lion 10.7.4 Liquid Flow liquivid liquivid Video Deflickering liquivid Video Fisheye Removal liquivid Video Improve liquivid Video Stabilization Little Audio LittleSnapper LittleSnapper 1.8.2 LittleSnapper 1.8.5 Little Snitch Little Snitch 2.3.6 Little Snitch 2.4 Little Snitch 2.4.1 Little Snitch 2.4.4 Little Snitch 2.5.1 Little Snitch 2.5.2 Little Snitch 2.5.3 Little Snitch 3 Little Snitch 3 Preview 3 Little Snitch 3.0 Little Snitch 3.0 preview 4 Live LiveGrade Live Interior 3D Live Interior 3D Pro Lively Logic LiveNow LiveQuartz LiveReload LiveReload 2.1 Live Wallpaper Live Wallpaper 1.4 Living Earth Living Earth HD Living Weather HD Locko Lock Photos Lock Photos 2.1 Lock Screen Lock Screen 2.0.3 Lock Screen Plus Logicly Logic Pro X logo Logoist Logo Lab for iWork LogTail Lona Photo Viewer Loopback Loop Editor Lossless Photo Squeezer Lucid Lucid Auction Lister Lumen Luminar Lumino City Lyn Lyrical Lаuncher M3 Data Recovery M3 Drive Mounter M3 Undelete M4VConverter M4V Converter M4VGear Mac Mac App Mac App Blocker Mac App Store Macaw Mac Backup Guru MacBooster MacBreakZ MacCaption MacClean MacCleanse Mac Data Recovery MacDive Macdrops Mac DVDRipper Pro MacFamilyTree MacFort MAC Game Mac Games Mac Gmae Macgo Blu-Ray Player MacGourmet Deluxe MacGPS Pro Mach Desktop MacHider MacHider 1.6.3 MacJournal MacJournal 6.0 MacJournal 6.0.2 MackerNews MaCleaner X MacLoggerDX Mac Media Player macOS 10.12 macOS 10.13 macOS High Sierra macOS Server macOS Sierra Mac OS X Mac OS X 10.6.8 Mac OS X 10.7 Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Developer Preview 4 Mac OS X 10.7.3 Mac OS X 10.7.4 Mac OS X 10.8 Mac OS X Lion MacPass MacPaw MacPay Business MacPilot MacPilot 4 MacPilot 4.3.1 MacPilot 4.3.2 MacPilot 4.3.3 MacProxy Macs Fan Control Mactracker MacUpdate Mac Video Downloader MacX DVD Ripper MacX DVD Ripper Pro MacX Mobile Video Converter MacX Video Converter Pro Mag2GO Magican Magic Bullet Suite Magic Flowers Magic Media Marker Magic Mouse Magic Number Magic Window Magnet Mahjong Artifacts Mail Mail Act-On Mail ActOn mail application MailBar Mail Bundles MailButler mail client Mail Detective MailHub Mail Perspectives Mail Pilot Mailplane MailRaider MailRaider Pro MailRemedy MailRemedy 1.2 Mail Stationery Mail Stationery Expert MailSteward MailTab MailTab for Gmail MailTags MainMenu MainMenu Pro MainMenu Pro 3.1.0 MainStage MakeMKV MakeMusic Finale MAMP MAMP Pro MAMP Pro 2.0.5 Mangao Manga Studio EX Mango IRC Manico Man Reader Manuscripts Map Map for Pokemon Go Maple MAPublisher MapZap MarginNote Markdown MarkdownD MarkDrop Marked Marked 1.3.3 Markly MarsEdit MarsEdit 3.4.1 Marvelous Designer MAS Mashup Master of Typing Matchbook Mathematica Mathematics Mavericks Mavericks Cache Cleaner maWatermarker Maxel MaxSnap Maxwell Render Maya Maya 2014 Maya LT 2014 MCG MDB Explorer Mechanical Clock 3D media Media Composer Media Encoder Media Encoding MediaInfo Media Player Media Pro MediaTrans Medical Medicine Megapack Megapack for iWork MegaPack for Microsoft Office MegaSeg Mellel Membrane Pro memory Memory Cleaner Memory Disk File Cleaner Memory Doctor Pro Memory Free Pro MemoryTamer Menstrual Period Tracker Mental Casec Mental Casec 2.0.4 menubar MenuBar ReArranger MenuBar Stats MenuCalendarClock MenuCalendarClock iCal MenuCalendarClock iCal 4.5.0 MenuCar MenuMate MenuPop MenuPop 1.5 Menu Radius MenuTab MenuTab for Facebook MenuTab Pro for Facebook MenuWeather MenuWeather 4.2 Merlin Merlin Project Merry Christmas MesaSQLite Messenger for VK Meta Metadata Metadatics MetaMovie Metanota MetaTV Microphone Lock Microsoft Microsoft Excel Microsoft Outlook Microsoft PowerPoint Microsoft Word MidiCo MidiKit Milk Milkeddit mimoLive Minco Mind-mapping Mindful Mynah Mindjet Mindjet MindManager Mindly MindManager MindMaple mindmapping MindNode MindNode Pro MindNode Pro 1.9.0 MindView Mini Design Bundle Mini Metro MiniNote MiniNote Pro MiniTool Minuet Mira Mirror for LG TV Mirror for Panasonic TV Mirror for Samsung TV Mirror for Sony TV Mischief Mitch Mitti Miya Translate MKVtoolnix MKVtools mlooks MobiKin MobileRSS MobileTrans mocha Pro Mocks Mockups MODO Modul8 Moho Molar MoleculeSketch Money Money 4.2 Moneydance moneyGuru Money Pro Moneyspire MoneyWell MoneyWiz Monit Monitor Monity Monochrome Monodraw Monolingual Monosnap MonthlyCal Moom Moom 2.3.2 Moom 2.3.3 Moom 2.4 Moom 3.0.1 Moon Hunters Mornings Morph Age MorphX mosaic Motion MotionArtist MotionComposer Mountain Mountain Duck Mountain Lion Mountain Lion 10.8.3 Mountain Lion Cache Cleaner Mountain Lion Developer Preview Mounted Mouse Mouse Hider Movavi Movavi Photo Focus Movavi Screen Capture Movavi Slideshow Maker Movavi Split Movie Movavi Video Converter MOV Converter Pro Movie movie2picture Movie Collector MovieIcon MoviePal Movie Wallpaper Moving Dock Movist Movist 1.0.2 Movist 1.0.4 Movist 1.1.3 Movist 1.1.4 Movist 1.1.5 Movist 1.2 Moxile MP3 MP3 Audio Recorder MP3 Converter MP3 Converter Pro MP3 Music Converter MP3 Trimmer MP4 MP4 Converter mplayer MPlayerX MPlayerX 1.0.10 MPlayerX 1.0.16 MPlayerX 1.0.17 mpv Mr. Contrast mSecure Msg Converter Pro Msg Viewer Pro Multi-Touch Multi-Touch Trackpad MultiBrowser MultiMarkdown Composer Multimedia Multimedia & Design Multimon MultiTimer MultiViewInpaint Munch's Oddysee Murasaki Murus Mus2 Muscle System Pro Muse Muse CC Music Musicality music app music apps Music Binder Pro Musicbox Music Collector Music Converte Music Converter Music Palyer Music player Music Recorder Music Tag Editor Music Tag Pro Music Tube Musictube musiXmatch lyrics Must-Have MWeb My Alarm Clock MyBrushes MyDiary MyFourWalls MyIP myMacTime My Medical My Metronome My Net MyPhotostream myPoint Pro Myriad My Splash Effects MySQL MySQL Optimizer Mystery Trackers MYStuff MYStuff Pro MyThoughts myTracks myTuner Classical Pro myTuner News Pro myTuner Radio myTuner Radio Pro NameFind Name Mangler Napkin Narrator Nativa Native Game Navicat Navicat for MySQL Navicat Premium NeatMP3 NeoFinder NeoOffice NepTunes Net Netflix NetNewsWire Net Radar NetSpot NetTop Network NetWorker Network Logger Network Monitor Network Player Network Radar Network Speed Monitor Network Utility X Neu New File Here New File Menu News NewsBar NewsBar 2.3 NewsBar 2.4 News Explorer Newsflow Newsletter Expert Newsletters Templates newspaper newsreader Newsreaders Newsstand Next NextEvent Nicecast Nice Clipboard Nice Todo nightly build Nik Collection Nisus Writer Pro NodeBeat NoIMGdata Noiseless CK Noise Machine Noizio Notability note Note-Ify Notes NoteAbilityPro Notebook Notebooks Notebox NoteBurner NoteBurner iTunes Audio Converter NoteBurner M4V Converter Plus Notefile notepad NotePlan Notes+ NotesTab NotesTab Pro NoteSuite note taking Notification Notification system Notions Now Playing NTIDragonBurn Nuance Dragon Nuke Nuke Studio Numbers Numi NVivo NXPowerLite NZB client NZB Drop NZBin NZBVortex Object2VR Objective-C Objective-C IDE Objective-Clean ObjectusVideo Ocean City Racing Ockham OCR OCR Butler OCRKit OCRKit 1.9.1 OCRKit 1.9.6 OCRKit 1.10.3 OCRKit Pro OCRTOOLS OCRWizard Office OfficeTime Offline Pages Offline Pages Pro Oh My Star Ommwriter OmniFocus OmniGraffle OmniGraffle Pro OmniGraffle Pro 5.4 OmniGraffle Pro 5.4.2 OmniGroup OmniOutliner OmniOutliner Pro OmniPlan OmniPlan 2.1 OmniPlan 2.1.2 ON1 ON1 Photo ON1 Photo RAW One Chat One Cloud Backup OneDocs OneNote OneRadio oneSafe OneWaySync onOne On Rusty Trails OnTheAir Studio OnyX ookkeeaapp OpenEmu Open Source Opentype Fonts OpenVPN OpenVPN client Optics Pro OpticsPro Optimal Layout Optimize images Optimizers Oracle database certification Orbis Ordinatore Org Chart Designer Org Chart Designer Pro Origami Orion Flyer Maker Orion Flyer Maker Pro Orion Label Maker Orion Markup Orion PDF Author Ortelius OSCulator Osfoora Osfoora for Twitter Osfoora for Twitter 1.1 Osfoora for Twitter 1.2 OS X OS X 10.7.4 OS X 10.8 OSX 10.8 OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion OS X 10.8.2 OS X 10.8.3 OS X 10.8.4 OS X 10.8.5 OS X 10.9 OS X 10.9.1 OS X 10.9.2 OS X 10.10 OS X 10.11 OS X El Capitan OS X Lion OS X Lion GM OS X Mavericks OS X Mavericks 10.9 OS X Mavericks Server OS X Mountain Lion OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.2 OS X Server OS X Yosemite OS X Yosemite 10.10 beta 1 Otomatic Outcome Outline Outlinely outliner Outlook Overflow OverPicture Oxygen XML Editor P&M V.I.P. Plug-Ins Bundle Pacifist Pacifist 3.0.1 Pacifist 3.0.9 Packages PacketStream PageMeUp Pages Pages Templates Pagico Paint Simple Plus Paintstorm Studio PaintSupreme Palua Palua 3.0.1 PandaBar Pandora Pandoras Box Pandoras Box 4.0.2 Panic Pano2VR Panorama Panorama Maker Panorama Maker Pro Panorama Maker Pro 5 PanoramaStudio Panoramic Panoramic View Panoramic View 1.6 Panotour Pro Paperless Papers Paprika Recipe Manager Paragon Paragon ExtFS Paragraphs Parallels Desktop Parallels Toolbox Particle Designer Particles ParticleShop Particulars PassLocker password password manage Password management password manager Password Repository Password Vault Manager Paste Pastebot Pastello Patch Viewer Path Finder Path Finder 5 Path Finder 5.7.9 Path Finder 5.8.1 Path Finder 6.0.0 Pathological Patina Patterno PatterNodes Patterns Paw Paws for Trello PCalc PCKeygen PDF-Converter PDF2PowerPoint PDF Checkpoint PDF Compress Expert PDFCompressor PDFConverter PDF Converter Master PDF Creator PDF Decrypter Pro PDF editor PDFelement PDF Encrypt PDFExplode PDF Image Xtractor PDFKey Pro PDFManagerUltimate PDF Nomad PDF Paper Renamer PDF Password PDFPasswordRemover PDFpenPro PDFpenPro 5.6.2 PDF Professional PDF Protector PDF Reader Pro PDFScanner PDF Splitter Expert PDF Squeezer PDF Studio PDF to Image Pro PDF toolkit PDF Tools PDF Toolset PDF to Word Converter PeakHour Pear Note Peel Peeler Peep Peggle Nights Peggle Nights 1.0.3 Peppermint Perfect Diet Tracker Perfect Effects Perfect Golf Perfect Photo Perfect Photo Suite Periodic Table Chemistry Periscope Periscope Pro Permute Permute 1.3.8 Persecond Persona Personal Finance Personal Info Managers Personal Workout PG Commander PhaseOne Media Pro Philips Hue Phone PhoneClean PhoneDirector PhoneExpander PhoneRescue PhoneView Photiosity Photiosity 1.5 Photo Photo-Resizer photo2movie Photo album Photo Batch Photo Batcher Photo Batch Movavi PhotoBulk PhotoCut Photo DeNoise Movavi PhotoDesk PhotoDirector PhotoDirector Ultra photo editor Photo Editor Movavi Photo Effect Photo Effect Studio Pro Photoflow Photo Focus Movavi PhotoGenie Photography PhotoGrids for Instagram Photo GUN PhotoJob PhotoKey PhotoKey 6 Pro PhotoKey Pro PhotoLine PhotoMagic Pro PhotoMarks Photomatix Photomatix Pro Photo Mechanic PhotoMill PhotoNinja Photo Noir Movavi PhotoResize Pro PhotoReviewer Photos Photo Samurai PhotosBlender PhotoScan PhotoScape PhotoScape X PhotoScissors Photo Sense Photoshop CS6 Photoshop Elements Photoshop plug-in Photoshop Plugin Photosign Photo Size Optimizer PhotoStack PhotoStitcher Photo Stream Photostream PhotoStyler PhotoStyler 6.0.1 PhotoStyler 6.1.1 PhotoStyler 6.3 PhotoStyler 6.4 PhotoStyler 6.5.1 PhotoSweeper PhotoSweeper 1.3.0 PhotoSweeper 1.4.1 PhotoTangler Photo Theater Photo Theater Pro Photo to Movie Photo to Text Photo to Text 1.2 PhotoTrans PhotoVideoCollage Photo Viewer PhotoZoom PhotoZoom Pro PHP development PHP IDE PhpStorm Piano picatext PicCollage Piccure PicFrame PicFrame 1.1 PicFrame 2.5 PicGIF PicLight PicSketch Picture Collage Maker Picture in Picture Picture Shapes Picturesque Piezo Pikka Pimp Your Screen Pinball Arcade pinball game Pinball HD Pinboard Pinboard for Pinterest Pinegrow Web Designer Pingo HD Pinna Pins PinTab PinTab 1.0 Pinterest Pixa Pixate Studio Pixave Pixelmator Pixelmator 2.0 Pixelmator 2.0.1 Pixelmator 2.0.2 Pixelmator 2.0.3 Pixelmator 2.0.4 Pixelmator 2.0.5 Pixelmator 2.1 Pixelmator 2.1.1 Pixelmator 2.1.2 PixelPumper PixelStick PixelStyle Pixel Tester Plague Inc Planner Planner Pro Planner Studio Pro Plants vs Zombies Platinum Notes Play+ for Netflix Playback PlaybackPro Player Playr PlistEdit PlistEdit Pro Plisterine Plug-in Plug-ins Plug And Mix V.I.P Bundle Plugin PlugSpy PNG Animator PNG Compressor PNG Compressor 1.1 Pochade Pocket Podcast podcasts PodGrasp PointWise Polaroid Polarr Polarr Photo Editor Pomodoro Pomodoro 1.3.5 popCalendar PopChar PopChar X PopClip PopClip 1.2.1 PopClip 1.2.2 PopClip 1.2.3 PopClip 1.2.5 PopClip 1.3 PopClip 1.3.1 PopClip 1.4 PopClip 1.4.1 PortAuthority Portfolio Portfolio Bar Porthole Portrait+ Portrait Painter PortsMonitor PortsMonitor 1.2 Poser Poser 8 Poser Pro Postbox Postbox 3.0.1 Postbox 3.0.3 Postbox 3.0.4 Postbox 3.0.5 postcard Poster Posterino Posterino 2.5.2 Posterino 2.6 Posterist Poster Maker Poster Mill posters Posters Templates for Pages Postico PostView PostView 1.9 Power Manager PowerPhotos PowerPoint Powershot PowerTunes PPSSPP Gold Pre-Release Precious Disk PrefEdit Prelude Prelude CC Premiere Premiere Elements Premiere Pro Premiere Pro CC Preps Presentation Prompter Presentation Themes Presentation Tools Prezi PriceWatcher Priime Styles Primo iPhone Data Recovery PrimoMusic PrimoMusic Pro PrimoPhoto Principle printers PrintLife Printools Printopia Printopia 2.1.6 Printopia 2.1.8 Print Selection Print Window Printworks Prism Privacy Protector PrivacyScan Private Contact private files Privatus Prizmo Processes ProCommander ProCSSor ProDrenalin Product Builder Productivity ProEncryptor Progressive Downloader Project management Projects DB Promotee Pro Paint ProPrompter ProSelect ProVideoPlayer Proxifier Proxy PSD Cleaner PSD Expert PSP PTGui Publisher Master Publisher Plus Publishing PullTube Pulp PulpMotion Advanced Punakea Pupil Pure Music Purple Notes Purrfect Memory puzzle game P v Z PwGenerator pwSafe PyCharm qBitTorrent Qbserve QLab Qlab Pro QRCode QR code QR Creator QRecall QR Factory QRGen QRGen 1.1 QuarkXPress QuartzCode Quaver Querious QuickBooks QuickBooks Pro QuickBrowser Quick CSS Menu Quick Desktop Quicken QuickHub QuickHub 1.4 QuickKey QuickLens Quickly switch QuickMailer QuickMailer 1.1 Quick Pallet Maker QuickPhotos QuickPhotos for Google QuickPick Quick Print QuickRes Quick Resizer Quick Resizer 1.2 Quicksilver Quick Slideshow Maker QuickTime Quick Tweet QuickWho Quicky Quicky for iTunes Quicky for iTunes 1.2 Quiet Read Quiet Read Pro Quiver Quiz Press Quiz Press 2.5.12 R-Studio Race illegal High Speed 3D Racing Game RadarScope Radia Radiant Radiant 3.13.2 Radiant Player radio RadioApp Radio Clock Radiologik DJ radio player Radio Silence Radium Rainbow Rainlendar RAMDisk Manager Rank Tracker RapidCart Pro RapidClick RapidList RapidWeaver RAR Rar Sharp Raskin Ravensword: Shadowlands RAW RawDigger RAW Power Rayman Origins RazorSQL RDP Read reader reader DjVu ReadHear Pro Readiris Readiris Pro Read It Later ReadKit Read Later Read Later 2.0.2 ReadNow ReadNow 2.0.0 ReadNow 2.0.1 Real Boxing RealDNS RealFlow realMyst: Masterpiece Edition Real Racing 2 RealVNC Reaper ReCal ReceiptBox Receipts Recordam Record Audio Record Audio Pro Recordee Recorder Pro Record Lectures Records Redacted Reddit Red Giant Effects Suite Redshift Redsn0w Redsn0w 0.9.9 Redsn0w 0.9.9 b7 Redsn0w 0.9.9b5 Reed Reed 2.0 Reeder Reeder 1.1.3 Reeder 1.1.5 Reeder 1.1.6 Reeder 1.1.7 Reference Reference Tracker Reflection Reflection 1.5.1 Reflector Reflect Studio Reformator RegexpTester Regextor ReMask Prime reminder reminders Remixlive Remixvideo Remote Remote Desktop Remoter Remote Wake Up Remotix Rename Renamer Renditioner RePix ReSample Resize Sense Resolume Arena Resolume Avenue Resolutionator Responsive Photo Grid Responsive Video Grid Restaurants Resume & CV Expert Resume Lab for Pages Resume Templates Retrospect Reunion Reveal Review Command Rhinoceros Riffle Riffstation RightFont Right QR Ringer Ring Menu Ring Run Circus Ringtone ringtones Rip RipIt RipPix Roadmap Planner RoadMovie RoadMovie 2.4 Road Runner Office RoboPostman RoboPostman 1.1.3 RocketCake roductivity RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 Platinum Romantic Photo Romanysoft SpeedTest Room Arranger Rosetta Stone TOTALe Roster Rottenwood Rough Draft Rovio Mobile Royal Defense rss RSS client RSS Menu RSS News RSS reader Rubbernet rubiTrack RubyMine Rulers Rumpus Runway Safari SafariCacheExplorer Safari Technology Preview Sales analysis Sandvox Sandvox 2.2.3 Sandvox 2.5.3 Sandy Beach 3D SaneDesk Sapiens Satellite Reign Savings scanner Scanners Scanner software Scanning Scherlokk Schwartz Scida Science ScopeBox Scoreboard Scrapbook Scrapbook templates Scrap Garden Screen capture ScreenCapture Screen Capture Pro Screen capture tool Screenflick Screenflick 2.2 ScreenFloat ScreenFlow Screenink Screenium screen magnifier ScreenNinja Screen Recorder Screen Recordin screen recording Screens Screensaver Ninja Screen Savers Screen Shade screenshot Screenshot Creator Screenshot Maker Movavi Screenshot Master Screenshot Plus screenshots Screentaker Screen Teach Screeny Script Debugger ScriptFlow Scrivener ScrollStickies Scrutiny SD Card sdspeed Search Seas0nPass Seasonality Core Seasons Secret Folder Secure SecureCRT secure database Security Security Camera SecuritySpy SendLater SendOff Sentido Sentinel Senuti SEO SEO Checker Serato DJ Serial server Servers Serviio Set for iWork Set for MS Office Set for MS Word Set for Powerpoint Sets Design Expert SFTP SFTP client Shade Shade 3D Shadow Blade Shadowgrounds Shadowrun Returns Shadow Vamp Shank Shape Collage Shapes Share Share Mac printers ShareMate Sharepod ShareTool ShareTool 2.3 Share Tunes Sharpshooter ShellCraft Shenzhen IO Shimo Shimo 3.0.3 Shimo 3.0.8 Shimo 3.0.10 Shimo 3.1.1 Shimo 3.2.2 Shiny Groove Ship's Bells Shopping Shortcat Shortcut Bar Shortcuts Short Menu ShotPut ShotPut Pro ShottyBlur Should I Sleep ShredIt X Shredo Shrinker Pro Shuttie Sibelius Sidify Apple Music Converter Sidify Music Converter Sidify Music Converter for Spotify Siegecraft Commander Sierra Cache Cleaner SignalScope Significator Significator for iTunes Sign PDF SigPro Silo Silver Screen Silverstack SimBooster SimBooster Premium SimBooster Premiun SimCity Similar Image Detector Simon SimpleCleaner SimpleImage SimpleKeys SimpleMind Simple Recorder Simple Screen Shade Simplify Simulation SIP Sip Pro SiteSucker SixtyFour SizeUp SizzlingKeys Skala Preview Skanect skEdit sketch SketchBook SketchBook Pro Sketcher Sketcher 1.2 Sketches Expert Sketches Pro SketchMee SketchMee 1.4 Sketchode SketchUp Skip Tunes Skitch Skitch 1.0.8 Sky Gamblers SkyLab Studio SkyORB SkyORB 3D Skype SkySafari SkySafari Pro Slender Slicy Slide Design Expert Slideshow Slideshow DVD Creator Slideshow Maker Slideshow Maker Movavi Slugline Smaart Smaller SmartAlbums SmartBackup Smart Converter Smart Converter Pro SmartDay SmartDown Smart DVD Creator Smart Player SMARTReporter Smart Scroll Smart Shooter SmartSleep Smart Trash SMART Utility SmartZipper Pro Smart Zipper Pro SmashTunes Smoke SmoothCursor SmoothScroll Smooze Smultron SN Snagit Snap Art Snap Converter Snapheal Snapheal CK SnapMotion SnapNDrag SnapNDrag Pro Snapseed Snapseed 1.0.1 Snapseed 1.1 Snapseed 1.2 Snapseed 1.2.1 Snapselect Snapshot snapshots Snapz Pro X Snip SnipCode snippet manager Snippets Snippets 1.4 SnippetsLab Snowtape Snowtape 2.0.14 Snowtape 2.1 social SocialFan Socialite Socialite 1.4.0 Social Map Social Map 1.01 Social Media Lab social network Social Networking social networks SocialPanel Social Pro social website SofaPlay Softmatic ScreenLayers Softorino Softorino YouTube Converter softphone SoftRAID SolarCell Solar Walk Sonicfire Pro Sonora Sonora 1.0.0 Sony Sorenson Squeeze Soulver Soulver 2.2.4 Sound SoundBox SoundBunny SoundCloud sound editing Sound Forge Pro Sound Grinder Pro SoundMate Sound Normalizer Sound Siphon SoundSoap SoundSource Sound Studio Source SourceTree SousChef SP Space Drop Spacious SpamSieve Spark Sparkbox Sparkbox 1.0.28 SparkChess Spark Inspector Sparkle Sparrow Sparrow 1.0.1 Sparrow 1.3.1 Sparrow 1.4.1 Sparrow 1.4.2 Sparrow 1.5 Sparrow 1.6 Sparrow 1.6.1 Sparrow 1.6.2 Sparrow 1.6.3 Sparrow 1.6.4 Speaking Ringtone Maker SpectraLayers Pro Spectre Speed Download SpeedGrade SpeedGrade CC SpeedTest Speed Test SpeedTree Cinema Speedy Speedy 4.0.2 Speedy Mac 4.0.2 Spektrel Art Spillo Spirits Spirits 1.0.1 Spirits 1.1.1 Splashtop 2 SPlayerX SPlayerX 1.1.4 Splice Split Lab Split Screen SpotFiles Spotify Spotify Spotlife Spotlight Spot Maps Spreadsheets Spy Cam SQL Client SQLEditor SQLite SQLite editor SQLite manager SQLite Professional SQLPro SQLPro for MSSQL SQLPro for MySQL SQLPro for Postgres SQLPro Studio Squash Squeed Squeeze Squeezer Squidoo Squire Squirrel Squish SSD SSDReporter SSH SSH client SSH Config Editor SSH Copy SSH Proxy SSH Shell SSH tunnel Starfighter Overkill Starfighter Overkill 1.0.0 StarMoney Starry Night Pro Starscape Star Trails Startupizer Startupizer 1.2.3 Stat Stationery Pack Stationery Set for Pages StatsBar StatsCenter Statsey StatusDuck SteamWorld Dig SteerMouse Stellar Drive Clone Stellar Mail Converter Stellar Partition Manger Stellar Phoenix Video Repair Stellar Volume Optimizer Steps Steve Jobs StickyBrain Sticky Notifications Stills StitchBuddy Stock Stock + Pro StockSpy StockSpy 1.2.1 StockTab Stock ticker Storage Storyist Strata Design 3D Stratus Stream Stream audio Stream Live Stretch Stringed Stripes Strophes Students Studies Studio Artist Studio One Study StuffIt Deluxe Style SubEthaEdit Subject 9 Subler Sublime Text Sublime Text 2 Sublime Text 2.0 Sublime Text 2.0.1 Sublime Text 3 Submerge SubsMarine Substance Designer Substance Painter Subtitle Subtitles Subtitle Studio Subversion Subversion client Suitcase Fusion Suitcase Fusion 4 Suitcase Fusion 5 Suite for iBooks Author Suite for iWork Suite for Pages Suite for Word Sumuri Recon Super Bundle for iBooks SuperCal Super Denoising SuperDuper! Super Eraser Super Eraser Pro Super Mega Worm Super MOV Converter Super MP3 Converter Super Music Converter SuperPhoto Super PhotoCut Super PhotoCut Pro Super Refocus Super Resize Superstring Superstring Pro SuperTab Super Vectorizer SuperVideo Super Video Converter Super Video Enhancer SupremePlayer Surge SVN SVN Client Sweetie SWF Video Converter Swift SwiftCapture Swift Note Swift Publisher Swift Share Swinsian Switch Switch Pro SwitchResX SwordSoft Layout SwordSoft Screenink Symantec Encryption Desktop Synalyze It Synalyze It! Pro Sync Sync Checker Sync Folders Pro synchronization synchronization tool Syncios Data Recovery Syncios Data Transfer Syncman SyncMate Syncovery SyncTwoFolders Synthesia system System Cleaner & Antivirus Movavi System Lens system logs System Monitor SystemPal Taasky Tab for Google+ Pro Tab Launcher Tableau Tableau Desktop TableEdit Tabs Tabs 1.0.0 Taco HTML Edit Taco HTML Edit 3.0.6 Tadam Tagalicious Tagalicious 1.5.3 Tagalicious 1.5.5 Tag Editor TagNotate Tagr Take Five Take Five 1.2 Tangerine! Tap TapeDeck Tap Forms Tap Forms Organizer task Taskdeck Taskly task management task manager TaskPaper TaskPaper 2.3 TaskPaper 2.3.1 tasks TaskTime4 Tayasui Sketches Pro Teacher Studio Teaching Tools TechTool TechTool Pro TechTool Protogo Telegram Telegram Channel Tembo Temperature Gauge Pro Template TemplateBox Templates Templates by Expert Templates for Excel Templates for InDesign Templates for MS Powerpoint Templates for Numbers Templates for Pages Templates for Photoshop Templates Mill Temps Tenorshare Terminal TerraRay TestsLive test tool Texpad Text Textastic TextBar text editor TextExpander Text Extractor Text Hasher Textile TextLab TextMate TextNut Texts TextSoap Text Styles TextSweep Textual Texture Effects TexturePacker TextWrangler TG Pro Tharsis The Archive Browser The Archive Browser 1.0 The Archive Browser 1.1 The Archive Browser 1.2 The Bible The Bluecoats North vs South The Clock The Creator The Curse of Blackwater The Duplicate Finder The Hit List The Logo Creator The Mac Freebie Bundle 2 Themes Themes for iBooks Author Themes for Keynote Themes Lab Themes Mill The Tagger The Tiny Bang Story The Treasures Of Montezuma The Unarchiver The Unarchiver 3.0 The Walking Dead The Walking Dead Episode 5 The Witcher 2 The Witness Things Things 1.5.3 Things 1.5.5 Things 2.0 Things Cloud Things Mac Thoughts Throng Thumbtack Thunder Thunder for Mac Tidy Up! Tidy Up! 2.3.8 Tidy Up 3.0.2 Tiffen Dfx tilities Time Time-tracker Timelapse Desktop Timeless Timelime Timeline Timeline 3D Timeline tool Timely TimeMachine TimeMachineEditor Timer Timerik Timer Utility Timer Utility 4.1 Time Sink Time Tracking Time Zones Time Zones 1.7 Timing Timings Tinderbox TinkerTool System TinyBooks TinyBooks Pro Tiny Knight Tiny Troopers Tipard All Music Converter Tipard Video Converter Platinum To-do to-do list Toast Burn Toast DVD Toast Pro Toast Titanium Today Todo Todoey Todo Lis Todo List Todoozle Todoozle 1.0.1 Together TokenLock Toki Tori 2+ Tomatoes Tomato One Tomb Raider To MP3 Converter Tonality Tonality CK Tonality Pro Toolbox for Keynote Toolbox for MS Office Toolbox for Pages Tools Top 20 Topaz Topaz Adjust Topaz DeNoise Topaz Glow Topaz Impression Topaz Labs Topaz ReMask Topaz Simplify Topaz Texture Effects TopoGun TopXNotes Tor Browser Torchlight torrent TotalFinder TotalFinder 1.2.1 TotalFinder 1.3.1 TotalFinder 1.3.2 TotalFinder 1.3.4 TotalFinder 1.3.5 TotalFinder 1.3.8 TotalFinder 1.3.11 TotalFinder 1.4 TotalFinder 1.4.2 TotalFinder 1.4.3 Total Manager Totals TotalSpaces TotalTerminal Total Video Converter Total Video Converter 2.8.5 Total Video Converter Pro Total Video Player Touch Bar TouchCopy TouchDown TourTracks Tower Tower 1.4.3 Tower 1.4.11 tower defense game Towers of Altrac Track packages trackpad TrackRecord TrackRecord 1.3.1 TrackRecord 1.3.2 Tracks Track time Train Fever Traktor Transcribe Transfer Translate It TranslateIt TranslateQ Translate Tab Translation Translator and Dictionary Translator Tool Transloader Translucent Transmit Transmit 4.1.9 Transmit 4.2 TransType Trapcode Suite TrashLater TrashMe Travel Travel Journal Tree Trello Tremulous Tremulous 1.0 Tri-BACKUP Tri-BACKUP Pro Tri-CATALOG Trial Extender Trickster Trimaginator Trim Enabler Trine Trine 1.11 TripMode Triumph Troga TrueHDR TryToMp3 Try to translate TubeG Tublme Tuck Tumblita Tumblita for Tumblr Tumblr Tumblr client TunePad Tuner 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