Topaz Adjust 5.0.1 – Magical contrast, detail, and color adjustments.

Topaz Adjust 5.0.1The award-winning Topaz Adjust adds a dash of magic to your photography. Get amazing photos that you would never be able to otherwise. Apply anything from simple photo enhancements to complete stylistic makeovers. Discover how you can make your photos unique with one of the most versatile and powerful photo editing tools available.

Our unique adaptive exposure technology is magic for your photos
Topaz Adjust uses histogram information from the entire image to determine the best way to process contrast and exposure. This process gets you fantastic results that just aren’t possible anywhere else.

Stunning detail enhancement helps draw people into your photos
This isn’t your ordinary run-of-the-mill sharpening. Topaz Adjust can bring out details that you couldn’t even see before. Accentuate natural detail in your images to get far more powerful photography.

Intelligent color enhancement gives you a dazzling variety of color effects
Go far beyond simple hue, saturation, and luminance with Topaz Adjust’s adaptive color technology. Intelligently enhance color to make your photos more exciting and vibrant without over-saturating or turning them into cartoons.

What’s New

Version 5.0.1:
Note: Although Finder indicates that this has no version number, the developer refers to it as version 5.0.1.

  • Apply button. Stack multiple effects and presets during the same workflow.
  • My Collection. Users can now save their presets under My Collection.
  • Preset Collections. Presets are organized into 5 unique collections.
  • Local Adjustments. Intuitive selective adjustment brush for burning, dodging, smoothing, and brushing out (erasing) added adjustments - plus edge-aware options.
  • The Local Adjustment tools to Undo, Redo and Reset applied adjustments. You can undo/redo up to 4 steps within a selected Adjustment Type.
  • Histogram. Shows the tonal range of your image.
  • Curve Tool. Easily adjust image tonality to help emphasize tones, contrast and brightness within your image.
  • Finishing Touches Tab. Features options for diffusion, grain, borders, vignettes, tone adjustments and overall transparency adjustment.
  • Advanced Grain Engine. For the most authentic film grain look.
  • Interactive sliders. Take advantage of interactive slider/control response during your workflow. This feature works best for faster systems and can be enabled/disabled in your Menu -> Preferences. Note: You will need to restart Adjust™ for the changes to take effect.
  • Effect enable/disable. Clickable preview options that allow you to hide or view a set of adjustments for easy comparison.
  • Stage-based layout. For a simple and streamlined workflow. All of the tools are broken down into steps to help ease you through the editing process.
  • Split Screen. Use the 2-screen split view for easy before and after comparison.
  • Preset Enable / Disable option. Option to enable or disable the preset preview processing at program startup.
  • Localized reset all buttons. Reset only the parameters in a specific tab.


  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • OS X 10.6 or later
  • One of the following:
    • Adobe Photoshop CS3 or later
    • Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 or later
    • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2 or later
    • Apple Aperture 2 or later
    • Apple iPhoto (all versions)
    • Corel PaintShop Pro or PhotoImpact


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