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Tomates 8.0 – Effective work and rest management.

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Tomates 8.0

Tomates Time Management (was Pomodoro Time Management) helps you improve your productivity by using one of the most effective management methods in personal or pair-working environments. The app is highly configurable in aspects such as time for breaks or tasks, notifications, pomodoro series, all of it in a beautiful and detailed interface. Inside Tomates Time Management you will find…

  • Reports to compare your productivity
  • Beautiful graphs to check your progress in a blink of an eye
  • Customize task time
  • Customize short and long break time
  • Choose to play a sound or not when a break or a task has finished
  • Set how many pomodoros (tasks) constitute a work series
  • The pomodoro (task) timer can be paused/resumed/reset
  • Session and goal counters can be reset


Version 8.0:

Features included in this version...
  • Themes. Choose your favorite colour in Preferences view.
  • Yes, we have redesing our icon.
Problems solved...
  • Fixed the bug that prevent Atento synchronise in certain situations
  • Session group tasks correctly in Activity view


macOS 10.13 or later, 64-bit processor