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TokenLock 4.71 – Professional-grade Mac locking.

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TokenLock 4.71

TokenLock allows you to use a Bluetooth device (with optional proximity), a USB device, a hotkey, or your Apple Remote to lock (and optionally also unlock) your Mac.


  • Lock on USB device removal.
  • Lock on Bluetooth device disconnect.
  • Lock on Bluetooth device minimum signal strength (OS X 10.7 Lion)
  • Lock with a hotkey.
  • Lock with your Apple IR Remote.
  • Lock by clicking the TokenLock dock icon.
  • Lock by selecting Lock from status bar menu.
  • Unlock screen saver on return of USB device.
  • Unlock screen saver on return of BlueTooth device.
  • Unlock with your Apple IR Remote.
  • Designate ‘safe’ WiFi networks.
  • Disable locking for a predefined amount of time.
  • Growl support for status messages.
  • Sleep Aware: When the computer sleeps, this causes USB disconnections. TokenLock is smart enough to realize this and avoids “Double locking” your computer when the USB device you choose has not re-initialized yet after sleep mode.
  • Security information area to help you understand security risks and options as you configure them.


Version 4.71:

  • Fixed an issue with macOS 10.12.2


OS X 10.6 or later, 64-bit processor