Tinderbox 7.0.0 – Store and organize your notes, ideas, and plans.

Tinderbox 7.0.0

Tinderbox is a personal content management assistant. It stores your notes, ideas, and plans. It can help you organize and understand them. And Tinderbox helps you share ideas through Web journals and Web logs.

Tinderbox’s agents automatically scan your notes, looking for patterns and building relationships. Agents help discover relationships and help make sure important things don’t get lost. Agents are easy to make and easy to modify. They’re flexible and powerful. And Tinderbox can even gather and update changing information and breaking news from the Internet.

When it’s time to share your notes, Tinderbox can assemble multiple notes into one page. Updates are a breeze — even if you update several times a day. Private notes, timestamps, permanent links, archives: everything you want, just the way you want it.

What’s New

Version 7.0.0:

  • Composites - Composites are clusters of notes that move together in map view, and that can know about the other members of a composite. To form a composite, simply move two notes together so they touch. (To break up a composite, option-drag any member of the composite or select the composite and choose Edit ▸ Break Composite. When selected, composites are outlined with a darker and thicker bounding box. The composite name and its edit widget are also displayed when the composite is selected. When a note joins a composite, its outline position is changed to fall after the last item in that composite. Several Built-In Composites are available in the File menu and provide useful examples. The built-in composite for lists has a single dark header, followed by one or more items. When a new item is dragged to the bottom of the list, its color, size, and position are set automatically by the list item’s $OnJoin action. This technique can be very useful. The built-in composite for lectures is useful for conferences and syllabus planners. It’s typical of a number of situations where we want to capture various facets about an event. Again, techniques used here may be useful in many other contexts. Edit ▸ Break Composite can be used to break up a composite into individual components. A new boolean attribute, $NeverComposite, allows you to exclude a note from all composites. By setting the default value of $NeverComposite to true, composites can be turned off throughout a document.
  • Fonts - Four new fonts - Mercury, Ideal Sans, Ringside Condensed and Tungsten - are now built into Tinderbox. These superb fonts are carefully designed for reading on the screen. The elegant Ideal Sans Book is now the default map font, and highly-legible Mercury is now the default text font. Ringside Condensed is recommended for adornments, Tungsten is great for dashboards where you want big numbers in a small space.
  • Guides - A new system of guides of kibbitzers works in Tinderbox maps to help keep your notes neatly aligned. In contrast to the old Tinderbox grid, these guides work to figure out what you’re currently doing, and help you do it consistently. For example, if you have a note that’s nearly centered between two other notes, Tinderbox will help align it precisely.
  • Quick Links - When typing in the text pane, you can quickly add a text link to a note by typing two left brackets - [[ - and the initial letter of the note’s name. Tinderbox will display a menu of notes with that initial; selecting a note from this menu will add a text link to that note. This is particularly useful for adding references to glossary terms, frequently-used sources, or oft-mentioned people and places.
  • Actions - Actions and queries can now use information about composites. All are read-only unless specified.
  • Hover - A new attribute $HoverImage allows you to display an image when hovering over a note. $HoverImage contains the path to an image file. The easiest way to set $HoverImage is to drag the file into the image area in the Hover inspector.
  • Import - Notes copied or dragged from DEVONthink have their URL value automatically set to a special URL that DEVONthink Pro recognizes. If a note with a DEVONthink URL has $AutoFetch set, then when Tinderbox routinely autofetches Web data, it will also reimport the text and name of the DEVONthink note.
  • Map View - In map views, hold down the shift key while dragging to constrain movement to either the horizontal or vertical axes. Holding the shift key also disables guides, which are drawn in gray rather than the usual blue-green to show that they are inactive.
  • Workflow - When copying from an outline view with columns, Tinderbox now copies the column data for simple sharing with spreadsheets and other programs that use tab-separated values.


OS X 10.9 or later, 64-bit processor


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