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Timer Utility 4.1 – Alarm clock, countdown timer, and stopwatch.

Appked/ Featured/on 2011-10-19 13:49

Timer Utility is an all purpose time management tool consisting of multiple alarms, countdown timers, date countdowns, stopwatches and an all new Time Tracking feature. These features help manage your day, projects, or any tasks with ease.

With a newly designed interface, this version of Timer Utility makes creating, editing, and manipulating multiple timers and time trackings fast and easy.

The new Time Tracking addition helps keep track on how much time you’ve spent on tasks, working, talking to a client, and much more. You can add a (billing) rate to each project and export all the necessary data.

Many more excellent features come equipped with Timer Utility, visit our website to find out more.

Timer Utility comes in two versions:


Version 4.1:Additions:

  • Preference to choose the default alarm.
  • Contact link added to application menu.
  • Preference to show durations in only hours (as opposed to days). (Pro)
  • Ability to track time in intervals. (Pro)


  • Fullscreen arrows now fade out.
  • AM/PM indicator is now a toggle button 9alarms tab).

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed bug that affected system/display prevention.
  • Fixed a bug in the Mini-Mode that would cause a visual glitch.
  • Fixed a time calculation bug in the projects. (Pro)