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TextSoap 8.0.5 – Automate tedious text document cleaning.

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TextSoap 8.0.5

TextSoap is for people who work with text.

TextSoap effortlessly cleans up text from endlessly different formats. Wash away unwanted characters, spaces, tabs. Fix paragraphs with hard returns at the end of each line, as well as a myriad of other formatting issues that come your way and do it all while retaining desired font styles.

Unlike finding and replacing each of dozens of typical formatting issues or manually perusing through a file to find errors and fixing them by hand, TextSoap can automate that task down to just one click. And you can do it all from within your favorite app using the TextSoap Universal menu.

Easy to learn for casual users, TextSoap also has the flexibility that serious users need.


Version 8.0.5:

  • Clipboard Workspace show ruler, show lines numbers, show word count, show invisibles settings are now 'sticky' between launches.
  • Text in Clipboard Workspace can now be saved to disk.
  • Contents in Clipboard Workspace can now be printed as a text document.
Bug Fixes
  • Updates to custom cleaners and groups did not always properly propogate. Changes should be more robust in propogating into the various parts of the app or helpers.
  • Labels and separators weren't stripped out when requesting cleaners within a group via AppleScript (asTokens=NO).
  • Cleaner list search finds any matches in the current group and then also any matches in the "Library" group. However, it could create duplicate entries for custom cleaners if they were in the current group (one for the match in the group, one for the match in the library). This is clearly demonstrated with the "Standard" group which automatically includes custom cleaners.
  • When creating a batch find and replace action, a group named "-ALL-" was created by default. Group specifying all items is now called "All". Both "-ALL-" and "All Items" will automatically be converted to "All".
  • Custom cleaner editor would not expand beyond a certain width on some monitors. Limited access to full screen and/or created void areas.
  • #SCRUB2 cleaner, a custom remnant from long ago, has been removed. If you used this, you can create a custom cleaner as an alternative.
  • About TextSoap window updated.


OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor