Texts 0.18.5 – Markdown word processor.

Texts 0.18.5

Texts enables you to write well-structured documents. Store as plain text with Markdown markup. Publish in PDF, HTML, Word, ePUB, and other formats from single source.

What’s New

Version 0.18.5:

  • Save tables in "pipe" format in GitHub and MMD Markdown flavors.
  • Export non-breaking space as HTML entity in HTML format.
  • Paste image files copied from Finder as images.
  • Escape pipe character for more robust table parsing.
  • Fix URL detection in paste.
  • Fix selection of Markdown flavor based on extension.
  • Fix pasting of multiline text into search field.


  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • OS X 10.6.8 or later


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