Tasks 1.0.3 – Manage your daily tasks.

Tasks 1.0.3

Tasks is a wonderful productivity companion which helps you to manage all your daily tasks and get them done in style. Never miss to track a task again.

  • Tasks Management Simplified – Tasks+ app helps you to track all your tasks and ensure that they are completed. The simple and data focussed interface helps you to focus on your tasks at hand.
  • Quick and Easy – Tasks+ gives you the power to capture any task in just a key stoke or a click. You will never miss to make a note of the task in hand for want of time.
  • Awesome App Flow – Every Mac User has a very busy day and that is why Tasks+ is designed to be simple with an intuitive app flow that helps to get the tasks tracked and completed.
  • Categorise your Tasks – Categorising helps to group tasks for easy tracking and effective completion. Tasks+ provides the feature to assign a category to a task in a single click.
  • View Tasks By Category – Tasks+ app provides the feature to view all tasks of a category in a single click. This helps you to understand the level of work required in each category and plan accordingly.
  • View Tasks By Due Date – Tasks+ app provides the feature to view all tasks by due date. You can view tasks that are overdue, pending today, tomorrow, this week and later.
  • Instant Reach – Tasks+ app is available in menubar always if you enable it to launch on start and can be activated in a single click or configured hot key stroke.
  • Launch on Start – You can configure the Tasks app to launch on start so that the app launched silently and is available instantly for your click or key stroke.
  • More Awesomeness – You can mark your favourite or important tasks and also view their exclusive list. Also you can share any note via email and print your tasks.

What’s New

Version 1.0.3:

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OS X 10.11 or later, 64-bit processor


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