TaskPaper 3.3 – Simple to-do list.

TaskPaper 3.3

TaskPaper is a plain-text to-do list that’s surprisingly adept. Thoroughly modernized. TaskPaper 3 is all new, while still retaining the same plain-text design that’s been getting things done since 2006.

What’s New in 3
  • All new app
  • More powerful searches
  • Flexible and unique folding interface
  • More powerful text editor and outliner
  • Saved searches; one click away in sidebar
  • Relative date and time based searches
  • LESS/CSS powered themes
  • Extensive Javascript API Key Features
  • Plain text files; edit anywhere
  • Type and your lists are auto formatted
  • Projects- tasks, notes, and @tags
  • Text editor speed with outliner power
  • Lists within lists within lists
  • Fold, focus, and filter to make big list small
  • Drag and drop to organize your list
  • Fully scriptable and themable
  • Getting things done since 2006

What’s New

Version 3.3:

  • Added new commands for expanding and collapsing items. Improved how the Items > Move commands work in folded views.
  • Added a new "filtered" item handle state to indicate when some children are showing and others are hidden.
  • Added Expand/Collapse Commands:
  • Added View > Expand Items
  • Added View > Collapse Items
  • Added View > Expand All By Level
  • Added View > Collapse All By Level
Removed Redundant Commands:
  • Removed View > Fold
  • Removed Items > Indent
  • Removed Items > Un-Indent
Improved Item Movement In Filtered Views:
  • Moving items should never "capture" hidden items as children.
  • No additional items should appear on screen when moving items.
Added New "Filtered" Item Handle State:
  • This state joins the existing "Expanded" and "Collapsed" states. Filtered state indicates that some children are visible and others are filtered out of the display. Click a filtered handle to expand it to show all children.
  • Expanded - Dim empty circle
  • Collapsed - Bright filed circle
  • Filtered - Dim filled circle
Other Changes:
  • Improved alert messaging when opening invalid file links.
  • Fixed leading spaces from being removed from pasted text.
  • Fixed periodic broken "Tag With..." toolbar popup menu state.
  • Fix crash when inserting new item into empty document.
  • Maintain full line selection when move item to end of list.
  • Hold down "Option" key for a "Completely" variant of each item.
Theme Additions:
  • Added `filtered` item attribute for themes to query.
  • Added `handle-size` item style property.
  • Added `handle-border-color` item style property.
  • Added `handle-border-width` item style property.
Please use the explicit Expand/Collapse commands for folding. Use "Tab" and "Shift-Tab" instead of the Indent and Un-Indent menu items. I think any short term pain this causes will make TaskPaper a more nimble and focused app long term.


OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor


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