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Dictionaries 1.3 0

Dictionaries 1.3.1

Dictionaries overcomes the Mac’s support for only a few languages, installing language support and deeply integrating it into macOS. The dictionaries work exactly like Apple’s own and...

Mate Translate 6.0.0 0

Mate Translate 6.0.2

Mate Translate (was Instant Translate) allows you to translate words and phrases between over 100 languages, use text-to-speech, and browse through already-done translations in the history. You...

Lingvo Dictionary 1.10.3 0

Lingvo Dictionary 1.10.3

ABBYY Lingvo Dictionary gives you an instant access to high-quality translation dictionaries for English, Russian, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese. Lingvo contains world class Oxford Dictionaries...