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XMind ZEN 9.1.3 0

XMind ZEN 9.1.3

XMind ZEN is a mind-mapping tool based off of the same open-source project as XMind Pro. It supports the same map structures and 100% compatible with XMind...

iThoughtsX 5.13 0

iThoughtsX 5.14

iThoughtsX enables you to visually organise your thoughts, ideas and information. Typical Uses Course notes/revision Summarising. Project planning Task lists Brainstorming Goal setting WBS Meeting notes GTD

Scapple 1.3.2 0

Scapple 1.3.2

Scapple is the software equivalent of how I work out my rough ideas on paper. (If I didn’t hate the word “brainstorming” so much, I’d probably call...

Mindjet MindManager 12.0.161 0

Mindjet MindManager 12.0.161

MindManager is a mind mapping solution for OS X that helps you transpose your ideas into well-organized charts. This way you can efficiently record brainstorming sessions...