Sublime Text 2 ß build 2139 – Edit code, html and prose (beta)

Sublime Text is a sophisticated text editor for code, html and prose. You’ll love the slick user interface and extraordinary features.


Version 2139:

  • Added Replace in Files functionality to the Find in Files panel
  • Find in Files panel now has a single “Where” field, combining the previous “In Files” and “In Location” fields
  • Added fold buttons to the gutter. They can be customized with the fold_buttons and fade_fold_buttons file settings
  • Added keyboard navigation to the side bar
  • Re-added and improved side bar expand / collapse animations. This can be controlled with the tree_animation_enabled global setting
  • Alt clicking a folder in the side bar will expand it and all its children
  • The reindent command can be used to reformat selected lines, via the Edit/Line/Reindent menu item
  • Improved startup time in some scenarios
  • OSX: Menu items flash when triggered with a key binding
  • OSX: Improved open file behavior when no windows are currently open
  • OSX: Command+Right Delete will delete to EOL
  • OSX: Tweaked click-through behavior
  • OSX: Fixed opening an already open file from Finder with open_files_in_new_window enabled creating a new window
  • Windows and Linux: Ctrl+Scroll Wheel will change the font size
  • Ctrl+F will select the find pattern when the find panel is already open
  • The show_panel command now accepts a toggle parameter, which is false by default. The previous behavior was to always toggle
  • Pressing escape while dragging a scroll bar will cancel the scroll
  • Fixed a Ctrl+D/Super+D regression, where wrapping at EOF wasn’t handled correctly
  • Fixed a Find in Files regression where unsaved files couldn’t be opened from the Find Results buffer
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when trying to drag a closed panel
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur after moving a file between windows
  • Vintage: Added ‘=’ action to reindent
  • Vintage: ‘o’ in visual mode will reverse the selection direction (by Guillermo)
  • Vintage: Added support for the “‘” key to go to bookmarks (by Guillermo)
  • Vintage: Escape will exit visual line mode, instead of changing to visual mode
  • Vintage: Added gf (by Guillermo)
  • Vintage: Added z. and z,enter (by Guillermo)
  • Vintage: Added zz (by Johnfn)
  • Vintage: Added “{” and “}” motions (by Johnfn)
  • Vintage: Fixed a regression with escape in 2126, causing it not to exit from visual mode
  • API: window.run_command() will run text commands, dispatching them via input focus
  • API: hide_auto_complete is safe to call from on_modified

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