Sublime Text 2 ß build 2165 – Edit code, html and prose

Sublime Text 2 ß build 2165

Sublime Text is a sophisticated text editor for code, html and prose. You’ll love the slick user interface and extraordinary features.

Build 2165

Release Date: 12 January 2012

  • See the blog post for a summary
  • Theme: New UI theme, by Mike Rundle
  • Added support for bold and italic font styles
  • Speed: Improved startup time
  • Speed: Optimized memory usage
  • Speed: Improved font glyph rasterization speed
  • Rearranged the menu, making important features are easier to locate
  • Auto complete: Completion menu is shown automatically. This is configurable with the auto_complete file setting
  • Auto complete: Tab can be used instead of enter to accept the current completion, by using the auto_complete_commit_on_tab file setting
  • Auto complete: Many quality improvements
  • Tab Completion: Pressing tab multiple times will cycle through the available completions
  • Added reopen_last_file command, bound to Command+Shift+T / Ctrl+Shift+T
  • Deleting files via the side bar will send them to the trash, rather than deleting them outright
  • Improved behavior when hot_exit and remember_open_files are false
  • Color schemes and syntax definitions are reloaded on the fly
  • Paste and Indent will now do the right thing in more circumstances
  • save_on_focus_lost won’t save if the underlying file has been deleted
  • Added key binding for replace_next
  • slurp_find_string will set the whole_word flag based on if the selection is empty
  • Added file setting move_to_limit_on_up_down. This is enabled by default on OS X.
  • Shift+Drag will set the active end of the selection as expected
  • Clicking on a tab will always give the relevant sheet input focus
  • Simplified indent guide settings, and disabled active indent guide drawing by default. The indent_guide_options file setting can be used to change this
  • Improved minimap dragging
  • increase_font_size command will allow sizes up to 128pt
  • Changed how the toggle argument to show_panel is handled
  • Files with colons in their names may be opened from the command line
  • Fixed handling of selectors with extraneous ‘.’ characters
  • File Encoding: Added default_encoding setting
  • File Encoding: Added Hexadecimal encoding, for basic editing of binary files. This is controlled with the enable_hexadecimal_encoding global setting
  • Projects: Folders may be given a name attribute, to change how they’re displayed
  • Projects: Exclude patterns may include paths, for example:file_exclude_patterns: ["tmp/*.cc"]
  • Projects: .sublime-project files passed on the command line will be opened as projects, without –project being required
  • Projects: Folder paths with trailing slashes are supported
  • Projects: Fixed folder_exclude_patterns not being serialized correctly in project files
  • OS X: Prompting for elevated privileges when saving protected files
  • OS X: Double clicking on a .sublime-project file in Finder will open it in Sublime Text
  • OS X: Control clicking on a tab will show the context menu
  • OS X: Increased default font size
  • OS X: Fixed an issue that opened additional empty windows when using the command line helper
  • Linux: Fixed an issue with tab dragging
  • Vintage: Column is maintained when moving between lines
  • Vintage: == reindents current line (thanks Gordin)
  • Vintage: Added ZZ (thanks Guillermooo)
  • Vintage: Added X command (thanks misfo)
  • Vintage: Added _ command (thanks redjohn)
  • Vintage: Added ~ (thanks misfo)
  • Vintage: r,enter is supported (thanks misfo)
  • Vintage: Added various Ctrl+W,<x> bindings for layout control (thanks Gordin)
  • Vintage: Added various z,<x> bindings for folding (thanks Gordin)
  • Vintage: _ accepts a count (thanks guillermooo)
  • Vintage: Ctrl+C is a synonym for escape on OS X(thanks sugarcoded)
  • Vintage: dw works as expected at EOL
  • Vintage: Fixed an issue with the zz key binding (thanks Bradley Priest)
  • API: Plugins have a finite time to respond to events before users will be issued a warning indicating the slow plugin
  • API: Added sublime.log_input()
  • API: Added view.encoding() and view.set_encoding()
  • API: Added view.line_endings() and view.set_line_endings()
  • API: Added view.viewport_position() and view.set_viewport_position()
  • API: Added view.viewport_extent() and view.layout_extent()
  • API: Added view.text_to_layout() and view.layout_to_text()
  • API: Added view.line_height() and view.em_width()
  • API: Added window.active_view_in_group(group)
  • API: Added window.views_in_group(group)
  • API: Added window.get_layout() and window.set_layout()
  • API: Added window.get_view_index() and window.set_view_index()
  • API: settings.has() now works as expected
  • API: on_query_completions results may have a tab embedded in their descriptions, to delimit help text

Sublime Text 2 ß build 2165

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