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Struggle 2.14 – simple, minimalist music application.

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Struggle 2.14

Do you want to play music from your computer files?
Do you want to return to plain old playlist?
I believe you prefer powerful, simple, minimalist music application!

Main Features:

*(1)Quickly import your song files.
*(2)More playback.
* play next song
* play previous Song
* fast-forward 5 seconds
* rewind 5 seconds
* jump to current song
* jump to songs
* jump to Playlists
* jump to “All Songs” playlist
* create playlist
* duplicate playlist
* delete selected things
* new player window
*(3)Support statues menu display
*(4)Support keyboard


Version 2.14.1009:

  • Enhance stability, optimize playback control processing.
  • Rewrite internal playback engine interface


OS X 10.7 or later, 64-bit processor