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Stock + Pro 3.4.5 – The easiest way to watch and track your investments.

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Stock + Pro 3.4.5

Stock + Pro is the most popular investment app for OS X. Designed to be easy to pick up for beginners while packing advanced tools for seasoned veterans, Stock + Pro helps you know exactly what is going on with your portfolio.

The clean and organized interface makes it easy to focus on analyzing one stock or seeing the big picture moves of the entire market.

  • Interactive charts can be loaded with a variety of technical indicators
  • Heat maps give quick visual clues as to what’s hot and what’s not
  • Portfolios can be represented in over 170 different currencies
  • Company news and StockTwits keep you in the loop
  • Trigger alerts let your Mac identify certain market conditions for you
  • Scrolling ticker tape
  • Dozens of other features!


Version 3.4.5:

  • Email alerts are now sent through Amazon SES. You must update to this version or later to continue email alerts past April 27th.
  • Fixed Bovespa quotes
  • Additional bug fixes


OS X 10.7 or later, 64-bit processor