Squeed 1.12.8 – MP3 metadata editor.

Squeed 1.12.8

Squeed is a straightforward, efficient MP3, FLAC and M4A metadata (tag) editor with online database support.

  • Outputs clean tags: metadata that doesn’t appear in the sidebar is not written to or kept in the file.
  • Search on Discogs: search for an album or a track on the leading user-built online discography database and automatically populate metadata with that info, including cover art, all from within the app.
  • Batch-process files: select several files at once and edit their tags or rename them in batches.
  • Pattern renaming: batch-rename files with any combination of supported metadata.
  • Preview audio inside the box: preview the currently selected audio files with Quick Look.
  • Autocomplete tags: Squeed autocompletes as you type with metadata already present in other files.
  • iTunes integration: add files to your library and get autocomplete suggestions from iTunes metadata as you type.

What’s New

Version 1.12.8:

  • Added: files can now be opened in Squeed by right-clicking them in Finder, then choosing "Open with".
  • Modified: the "extract tags from file name" and "rename files from tags" features now have each their own format string saved between launches.
  • Fixed: Discogs added a rate limit to their public API, meaning the number of requests per minute is limited. Squeed now informs the user when the limit is reached and one should wait 60 seconds. This decision is independent from Squeed and I am looking into a way to avoid those limits.
  • Fixed: various small fixes regarding watching files modified outside of Squeed that would not trigger a refresh.
  • Fixed: crash when column was resized by double-clicking divider if no file was present in the list.


OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor


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