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SQLPro for SQLite 1.0.111 – Advanced SQL editor.

Appked/ Developer Tools/on 2017-10-29 12:52

SQLPro for SQLite 1.0.111

SQLPro for SQLite is the top SQLite editor for OS X.

  • Automatic data reloading when the database gets modified externally.
  • Backwards compatibility with SQLite 2.
  • Version integration. Mucked your database? Rollback to a previous version.
  • Semiautomatic dependency resolution.
  • Column reordering.
  • Import or export your data in CSV, mySQL, XML, or JSON formats.
  • Export custom result sets to CSV, XML, or JSON.
  • Full-screen support.
  • Inline filters allowing you to customize the way your data is displayed.


Version 1.0.111:

  • SQLite version updated to 3.21.0
  • macOS 10.13 High Sierra improvements
  • Improvements for JSON export (null handling and numeric handling)
  • Memory improvements for CSV export


OS X 10.8 or later, 64-bit processor