SQLEditor 3.3.4 – Create SQL databases graphically.


SQLEditor is a SQL database design and entity relationship diagram (ERD) tool for OS X.
SQLEditor replaces typing SQL by hand with dragging, dropping, and clicking. It makes creating databases faster and easier.

If you already have a database then SQLEditor can help you see what it looks like by reverse engineering a diagram.

SQLEditor supports exporting database designs to MySQL, Postgres, Oracle, and others. Plus it also imports and exports Ruby On Rails Migration files

What’s New

Version 3.3.4:

  • This is a bug fix release for v3.3
  • Fix for a bug where object hidden state wasn’t being saved
  • Rewritten parts of the inspector code to remove a crashing bug
  • TargetProxy object which caused some crashes has been removed entirely and the section rewritten
  • Undo after deleting a table which is the target of a foreign key object now correctly restores the connection line
  • Connector control handles now don’t snap too far to the right in certain odd cases
  • Fix so that constraint key names cannot be edited with the inspector when multiple objects are selected
  • It was previously possible to fix a connection point and move both tables to the right of that point. The line will now snap properly to the right.
  • Much of the document XML loading code has been rewritten (but this new code is currently turned off by default)


OS X 10.9 or later, 64-bit processor


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