[LTF] Softmatic ScreenLayers 1.0 – Capture your screen and save screenshot as layered PSD

Softmatic ScreenLayers**** LIMITED TIME OFFER – FREE! *****

Screenshots with a twist: Softmatic ScreenLayers captures the screen and exports to PSD with each window on its own layer. A big time saver: No more moving around of windows, no more changing of backgrounds. Simply hide or delete windows or screen elements you don’t need.

Global hotkeys let you capture the whole screen or selected windows. The created PSDs can be saved grouped or with a flat structure. Windows can be captured with or without shadows, great for compositing. System windows like the Dock or the Finder can be excluded from capturing, greatly reducing the file size of the exported PSD.

ScreenLayers works with normal and retina resolutions, with single or dual monitor setups (see screenshot #5 for tested configurations). Also supported is capturing full screen windows and Mission Control.

Please note that mixed Retina and non-Retina configurations can result in very large images because the captures from the non-Retina screen are upscaled.


Mac OS X 10.7.3 "Lion" or higher.


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