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Snagit 2018.1 – Screen capture utility.

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Snagit 2018.1

Snagit lets you create an image of what you see on your computer monitor.

  • Flexible options that let you capture only what you want.
  • Annotation varieties like arrows, speech bubbles, and more make it easy to customize your capture.
  • Versatility in what you do with your capture. Send it to your favorite app, share it online, or save it for later.


Version 2018.1:

Added Polygon to Shape Tool:
  • Allows you to create your own multi-sided shapes quickly with our polygon option.
Pasting Text onto the Canvas:
  • Creates a new text box on the canvas when copying and pasting text from another location.
    • Added ability for autofill to work with spreadsheet grids.
    • Manual selections now show the size of the selection area.
    • Improved speed of autofill on large images.
    • Use the new T-style arrow head to show measurements in the Arrow tool.
    Snagit Editor:
    • Can now choose "Don't show this again" option in the missing captures alert.
    • Adding or removing outline color in tool properties will now add or remove line width in properties.
    • Reduced Capture Helper CPU usage when idle.
    • Escape key allows users to exit the editor when in full-screen mode.
    • Fixed an issue where arrow keys could not be used to move Smart Move objects.
    • Added option to suppress notification of “missing fonts in themes” that was showing on every launch of Snagit.
    • Customize toolbar menu is no longer misaligned on 4k displays.
    • [macOS 10.13.x - High Sierra] Added View-only support for HEIF images.


    OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor