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Snagit 2018.1.1 – Screen capture utility.

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Snagit 2018.1.1
Snagit lets you create an image of what you see on your computer monitor.

  • Flexible options that let you capture only what you want.
  • Annotation varieties like arrows, speech bubbles, and more make it easy to customize your capture.
  • Versatility in what you do with your capture. Send it to your favorite app, share it online, or save it for later.


Version 2018.1.1:

  • Reduced memory usage by Capture Helper (menubar icon).
  • Added ability to access UI when recording your webcam while in full-screen mode.
  • Fixed Fill tool so previously filled areas in visible image remain after restarting Snagit.
  • Removed artifacts left after moving objects on the canvas when zoomed in greater than 100%.
  • Added ability to drag and drop files into Library from other image applications like Photo.
  • Enabled File > Print when viewing images in Library.
  • Improved security when sharing to
  • Fixed image exports from Library so file data (TIFF) matches file extension (PNG).
  • Added ability for custom polygon shapes to be imported/exported with themes.
  • Fixed polygon shapes so they can be copied and pasted without changing shape.
  • Fixed issue where transparent color was not available after moving shapes, callouts, or text using Move tool.
  • Added T arrows as a quick style when creating a new theme.
  • Rotated callouts no longer have a black background except for square callouts that still have an outline.
  • Advanced properties for callouts are now visible when the callout is selected on the canvas.
  • Fixed memory leaks related to callouts.
  • Improved the messaging when saving to an inaccessible folder location.
  • Other bug fixes and performance improvements.


OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor