Sketch 2.2.4 – Vector drawing application.

Sketch 2.2.4Sketch is a innovative and fresh look at vector drawing for the Mac. Its intentionally minimalist design is based upon a drawing space of unlimited size and layers, free of palettes, panels, menus, windows, and controls. Though simple to use, it offers powerful vector drawing and text tools like perfect Boolean operations, Symbols and powerful Rulers, Guides and Grids.

What’s New

Version 2.2.4:

New features:

  • Retina Export can now export the ‘@1x’ version too
  • A new ‘Welcome to Sketch’ panel with a newsletter, tutorials, links and more.
  • Double-clicking a text layer now selects the word being clicked on
  • Shape Tool adds X & Y Fields in the toolbar for the selected point
  • Sketch now respects the alpha mask on images when adding a gradient
  • Improves overall reliability of text editing
  • Various improvements to SVG exporting
  • Dropping images or adding shapes now inserts them above the selected layer
  • Text and Bitmap layers can now have multiple shadows
Bug fixes:
  • Fixes a bug that accidentally disabled shadow spread for shapes too
  • Fixes a bug where a fill could leak from behind an inner stroke
  • Fixes a bug in Image transformations
  • Fixes a bug where an image with a blur or color adjust would disappear when a color fill was enabled
  • Grid lines in the color picker can now be hidden temporarily using the Option key
  • Fixes a bug where a 0px border would produce blurry edges on a shape
  • Fixes a bug where double-clicking a layer in the layer list could have it jump randomly
  • Fixes a bug where scaling an edited rectangle could destroy the edits
  • Greatly improves the speed of resizing layers and groups
  • Fixes a color crasher when picking non-standard colors
  • Copy-pasting objects between Artboards should be more predictable now
  • When copy-pasting bitmaps with rectangular marquee, colours no longer change
  • Fixes a bug where resizing a group after moving its contents could have it jump back to its original position
  • Fixes a bug where the layer list wouldn't update after dragging in an image from the desktop if you were in the slice tool
  • Fixes a bug where duplicating pages in the Pages sheet would not refresh the canvas properly
  • Fixes a bug where some text layers could appear cut off or appear to move slightly on export
  • Layer selection is now preserved when switching back and forth between pages
  • When 'Zoom on Selection' is turned on, it now also zooms in/out on bitmap's selections properly
  • Pressing CMD+D inside the bitmap tool now duplicates the selected area instead of the entire layer
  • Right-click 'delete' on a slice in the layer list now works as it should
  • When Vectorizing a stroke with a gradient, we now also transfer the gradient over
  • Duplicating or Copy-pasting now has Sketch make sure that the slice name isn't in use already
  • Undoing a layer insert will no longer put a thick grey band on the screen
  • Better slice and artboard snapping at different zoom levels
  • Flattened layers no longer appear at the top of the layer list
  • "Center Selection" is now disabled when there's no layer selected
  • Fixes pasting via layer list and in canvas; layers no longer appear in semi-random places
  • Changing the Artboard name will now change its slice name too and vice versa
  • Better trimming of Quicklook Previews
  • Restores the behaviour where pressing Escape will exit the current group
  • Fixes a bug where blended layers in artboards wouldn't show up correctly
  • When selecting objects, Sketch now properly shows their combined width/height in the toolbar again
  • Resizing a group after transforming its contents no longer makes the layers jump unexpectedly
  • Zooming out no longer centers on the artboard. This was particularly annoying with larger artboards
  • Fixes an incompatibility in opening Sketch documents from version 1
  • Other bug fixes and performance improvements
CSS Export improvements:
  • Text layers now export proper color values
  • Box shadows are now exported as comma-separated values
  • Shadows now also appends 'px' to the spread attribute
  • Non-prefixed CSS gradients are now exported at the corect angle
Scripting improvements:
  • You can now use -addLayerOfType: to add new layers do documents. Available choices: "rectangle", "text" or "group"
  • 'textColor' and 'setTextColor:' are now available as scriptable properties on Text Layers
  • New APIs has been added for adding/duplicating/removing pages and layer guides


Intel, 64-bit processor
OS X 10.6 or later


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