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Similar Image Detector 2.0.0 – a simple and efficient utility for finding similar photos on your Mac.

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Similar Image DetectorDo you have many similar images on your Mac and you don’t know how to eliminate them in batches? With Similar Image Detector, you can do it at a click. Similar Image Detector is a simple and efficient utility for finding similar photos on your Mac and organizing them with Trash, Move and Copy functions.

==== KEY FEATURES ====

2 Modes to Detect Similar Images
– Import one or more folders whose contents to be grouped by similarity
– Add a picture to compare against the pictures in chosen folders and find the similar ones from the folders

4 Comparing Settings
– Select the comparing algorithm from 5 modes: Fingerprint, Histogram and more
– Support to choose the group order ways: Random, Similarity, Title or Date
– Customize the picture order by similarity or number
– Reset the minimum image pixels as need
– Enable to scan by the matching levels

25 Image Format Supported
– *.png, *.jpg, *.gif, *.tiff, *.jpeg, *.icns, *.bmp, *.ico, *.psd
– *.raw, *.tga, *.jp2, *.xbm, *.rw2, *.pef, *.arw, *.sr2,
– *.orf, *.crw *.cr2, *.dng, *.nef, *.sgi, *.hdr, *.mrw

Compare the Similar Pictures in Details
– Choose any group of similar images to compare carefully
– Support to compare any two similar images in one group
– It will automatically show you the similarity of two similar pictures with the sophisticated comparing algorithm

Quickly Manage the Similar Images
– Remove the duplicates and helpless images forever
– Move some featured photos to the appointed folder
– Copy some important pictures for other use if you need

Good User Experience
– Easy to use with intuitive interface
– Support to add picture or folders by dragging and dropping
– Detect and delete the similar images from any folders
– Provide two view modes: common mode and comparing mode
– Support to view the images with zoom in and zoom out
– No similar images missed out with accurate scanning algorithms


OS X 10.7 or later, 64-bit processor