Shredo 1.2.1 – File shredder and privacy cleaner.

Shredo 1.2.1

Shredo is a beautiful, functional file-shredding utility. It permanently shreds files, folders, and external volumes’ contents to keep information secure and impossible for anyone to retrieve. Depending on security level and data-erase speed, you have 3 shredding methods at your disposal:

  1. 1-pass – Offers good security and quickest erase of data. It deletes access information to your files and writes random bytes over the data once.
  2. 7-pass – Slower speed, but better security than 1-pass. Writes over data 7 times, based on US Department of Defence (DoD) 5220-20 M standard algorithms.
  3. 35-pass – Slowest, but offers the best security. Erases file access info and writes over the data 35 times, based on the Gutmann method for deletion.

What’s New

Version 1.2.1:

  • Select shredding method for Secure Trash erase, either via popover or by setting default shredding method in Preferences to skip the popover selection step
  • Added "Quit app when done shredding" option in Preferences
  • Start shredding files by just pressing Return on your keyboard
  • Other shortcuts are available, for example:
    • Command+Shift+Delete - starts Secure Empty Trash
    • Command + Up Arrow - changes UI layout
    • Command + Comma - shows Prefs


OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor


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